The Benelli Supernova shotgun is the industry standard for anyone who is interested in hunting or personal and home defense. The Supernova is so popular because it is extremely reliable while also packing ample power for its intended purpose, and providing an easy to use and clean platform. The Benelli Supernova is a standard pump action shotgun. This means that it is considered a semi automatic gun with the capacity for rapid shooting through its innovative pump action technology. The gun holds 4 shells in the breech and one in the chamber for a total of 5 shots per cycle. The gun is very easy to reload and you can load shells rapidly if your situation requires it.

Benelli Supernova

One of the most popular parts of the Benelli Supernova is the one piece receiver and the interchangeable stock kit. The one piece receiver guarantees that you have ease of use when you are cleaning the weapon and it also ensures that the weapon will hold up under the harshest of conditions and elements. The changeable stock means that you have the option of updating your stock to match your shooting conditions. You can change to a cushioned stock for shooting skeet or trap and you can change to a shorter tactical stock for home defense situations. You can also change to a stock with a shell holster on it that allows you to load shells directly from the stock of your shotgun. This customization makes this gun a true hunter's dream. The Benelli Supernova also features a large trigger guard which makes this gun both practical and very safe. You can even unload unused shells from the chamber without unloading extra shells from the magazine. This ensures that you are always safe when shooting and your gun is in optimal shooting condition at all times.

The Benelli Supernova also features a recoil reducer which greatly reduces the impact felt upon shooting the gun. This is a great feature if you will be shooting skeet or trap and you are shooting multiple rounds in a day. The repeated use of a Benelli Nova shotgun has proven to wear down the toughest of shooters. The recoil reducer allows you to enjoy the same durability and reliability of the Nova shotgun in a much more comfortable format. Small additions like this make this gun a great match for anyone looking to purchase a gun that is affordable, safe, reliable, and effective.