Benjamin Moore Paint - A Review


Paints hide, level and flow
Durability, mildew resistant, fade and chip resistant
Odor Free paint products


Stores are sometimes hard to locate

Full Review

Benjamin Moore Paint is a product that consistently performs as a top of the line paint. Whether you use their interior or exterior line, you are guaranteed an exceptional finish and a long lasting paint job.

A high quality paint has several characteristics and Benjamin Moore Paint excels in all areas.

Flow & Leveling: This refers to the way a paint dries and creates a smooth, even finish. Some paints are streaky because they do not level out as they dry. Both interior and exterior grades of Benjamin Moore Paint have exceptional flow and leveling characteristics. You can be sure that no matter how you apply the paint, whether by brush or roller, the finish will level quickly and the results will be a smooth and even appearance.

Hide: Another characteristic of an exceptional paint is its ability to "hide" or to cover what is beneath it. If a paint "hides" well it will cover with a minimum number of coats and the results will be uniform and even. Benjamin Moore Paint hides very well and often only a light second coat is required for an even look.

Pigmentation: A quality paint product will have good pigmentation which also provides exceptional "hide" characteristics. A poor quality paint will go on streaky and uneven and will require numerous coats to hide the paint beneath it. A paint with good pigmentation qualities will also resist fading and chalking. Benjamin Moore Paint has exceptional pigmentation and their exterior paint will hold its quality appearance and structure a minimum of 7 to 10 years, and depending on the conditions, even longer.

Washability: A quality interior paint will be very washable and will resist dirt and scratching. Regal Wall Satin, Benjamin Moore's high end interior paint can be washed over and over without affecting the quality and look of the painted surface.

Mildew Resistance: A quality exterior paint will resist mildew and dirt and Benjamin Moore paint provides excellent resistance in both areas. Their top of the line exterior paint, MooreGuard 100% Acrylic Low Lustre Latex House Paint provides a superior protective coating that looks "just painted" for years.

Benjamin Moore also has a line of odor free paints that are also excellent products worth considering.

Visit their website for more information: The site has a "Personal Color Viewer" that allows you to upload your own pictures and paint a room virtually using their color deck.

In Closing

If you are fortunate to have a Benjamin Moore store in your neighborhood and are willing to spend a little more on your paint products, you will love painting with Benjamin Moore Paint.