Berlitz Japanese flashcards are a set of 50 large, colourful picture flash cards that help children (or beginner Japanese learners) learn Japanese vocabulary.


  • 50 basic Japanese vocabulary cards including animals, food, colours and numbers
  • Colourful and attractive pictures for each word
  • Words are written in either hiragana or katakana with romaji below and English at the back of the card
  • Large-sized cards at approximately 5.5 x 4 inches (14 x 10 cm)
berlitz japanese flash cardsCredit: Sy

Are Berlitz Japanese flash cards useful for a beginner?

These cards make memorizing hiragana a little more interesting. Although they are intended for children, I bought them to help me memorize kana when I was just getting started with learning Japanese. I had already learnt the basic Japanese sounds and how to write the characters but was having a little trouble remembering which character represented what sound. The romaji that is written below each word helped remind me what the word sounded like.

There is no kanji, only hiragana and some katakana. On one hand, this makes it less distracting because you only have to pay attention to the kana. On the the other hand, the cards are useful for a shorter time because once you learn the vocabulary and kana, there's no reason for you to keep using them anymore.

It's better for memorizing hiragana than katakana. Out of the 50 cards, 42 are hiragana words and only 8 cards are katakana words.

You get to learn a variety of basic Japanese vocabulary. Like any good set of children's flash cards, these teach a wide range of basic vocabulary. There are words for colours, animals, numbers, family, and food and a few random ones like "sun", "house", and "kite".

They're not very useful if you don't already know the Japanese phonetic sounds or how to write kana. The cards do not come with a proper pronunciation guide or audio nor do they teach you the stroke order of each hiragana.

Unlike Japanese flash cards that are made for adults, these children's flash cards are a colourful, attractive, and interesting way to learn Japanese vocabulary or brush up on your hiragana. However, I would recommend them only if you already know how to read and write kana and are just looking for something to strengthen your learning or if you want to pick up some basic vocabulary. 

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If you are completely new to Japanese and hiragana or katakana, a set of flash cards that come with audio and stroke order would probably be more useful.