Pustevny - Winter,Credit: CzechTourism. Ing.Lubmir Cech. Used with Permission. All rights reserved.The Beskydy Mountains, the easternmost mountain range of the Czech Republic, are close to the border with Slovakia.

Picturesque Pustevny

One of the very popular Beskydy resorts is Pustevny, 1018 metres above sea level. The resort can be reached by chairlift from Trojanovice or by road. I went by the chairlift which in itself was just specular with fantastic views across the mountains.

Chairlift to PustevnyCredit: Frances Spiegel 2014. All rights reserved.Although skiing is one of the most popular activities during the winter months, the resort has plenty more to offer throughout the year including cycling, swimming, beautiful nature trails, and many other great outdoor activities.

The word pustevny means hermit and this is a place where hermits lived until around 1870. Pustevny is famous for its wooden buildings, Libušín and MamÄ›nka, built in a traditional folk style. These were designed at the end of the 19th century by Slovac architect Dusan Jurkovic. Mamenka is a delightful hotel and each room has unbelievable views of the Beskydys.


From Pustevny to Radhost Mountain

Radegast - CzechTourismCredit: CzechTourism. Used with Permission. All rights reserved.

The walk from the resort of Pustevny up to the top of Radhost Mountain is probably one of the most beautiful trails in the Beskydy Mountains. Halfway along you'll see an imposing statue of the pagan god Radegast, Slavic god of plenty or hospitality. The original statue was created by Czech-born artist Albin Polasek in 1929. Badly damaged by the weather, that statue is now in the Town Hall at Frenstat. The present sculpture, made of granite so it should last well, is a copy of Polasek's original. Polasek himself made other copies and you can also see one in the centre of Prague's Zoo.

When you reach the summit, at 1129 metres above sea level, you'll find a chapel with statues of the Christian missionaries Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius. The 9th-century Byzantine Greek brothers, born in Thessalonica, Macedonia, in the Byzantine Empire, have a special place in the hearts of the Slavic peoples.


Cycling and Swimming in the Beskydys

Not far from Pustevny you find the Becva cycle path. More than 140 kilometres of cycling paths take you through outstanding scenery. The cycle way also has specially designated pathways for inline skaters so you can imagine it's extremely popular, although never overcrowded.

Swimming is another very popular activity and although the region doesn't have extremely hot summers it's almost always warm enough to swim outdoors during the summer months. Olesna Aquapark has a heated outdoor pool and plenty of other water activities. Lots of people end their day of cycling or hiking with a relaxing swim under the stars. What better way to end your day?

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Bad Weather? Don't Fancy the Great Outdoors? Try the Tatra Technical Museum

The Prasident - Tatra MuseumCredit: Frances Spiegel 2014. All rights reserved.

If the weather's not good enough for outdoor activities you might want to visit the Tatra Technical Museum in Koprivnice, not too from from your starting point at Pustevny. Some people might say the Tatra is full of 'big boy's toys' and maybe that's true, but this really is a family museum full of fascinating things and bristling with excitement. Information is presented in several languages so there's just no excuse not to enjoy this very interesting attraction.

Two-seater bi-plane high above the Tatra exhibitionCredit: Frances Spiegel 2014. All rights reserved.The Tatra Technical Museum presents the history of automotive manufacture at the Tatra factory telling us that in 1897 one of the first automobiles in the world was built here – the 'horseless carriage' called the Präsident.

The exhibition, which features around sixty passenger and freight vehicles, fire engines, trucks and tanks, is enhanced by audiovisual displays, sporting trophies and photographs. Several chassis and engines show the parts of a vehicle that you can't normally see and high above your head is a two-seater bi-plane originally used for instruction and acrobatics.


Further information about travel to and from the Beskydys, as well as accommodation and a full range of popular activities can be found at the official Czech Tourism website.



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