What is the Top Rated 10K Watt Portable Generator?

Are you on the hunt for a top of the range 10,000 watt generator that is portable? If so, the following three machines are some of the best in class, proven to be 'top of the range', reliable and relatively affordable -- you are bound to find the perfect model. Let's get right to exploring the options to be the best 10,000 watt portable generator for you.

#1 Duromax XP10000E Portable Generator

The XP10000E is a high-power generator with an output of 10K watts, powered by a 16 horsepower engine that produces a rated output of 8,000 watts. Starting it is easy with a push button electric start or with a recoil mechanism. There are several outlets for power including a 120-volt with 30 amps, 2 outlets of 20 amps and 120-volt, 1 outlet of 30 amp and 120/240 volts and 1 with 50 amp and 120/240 volts. For small devices you can use a 10 amp 12 volt outlet.

You will be happy with a run time that the generator gives, of 10 hours at 50% load and at a fuel capacity of 8.3 gallons. An idle control switch will change the machine into idle mode when there is no power being used. When power is needed it will switch the motor again into high rpms for power generation. 

An indicator light shows up when oil is low and the engine shuts off automatically so as to prevent damage to the motor. Equipped with 10.5-inch never-flat wheels it is easy to transport with a convenient handle. 

#2 Generac 5802 XG10000E w. Wheel Kit & Electric Start

The Generac 5802 is a ten thousand watt generator with an OHV engine of 530cc running at 3,600 rpm. At a load capacity of 50% it will give you 10 hours of power. The fuel tank capacity is 10 gallons and a fuel gauge shows the amount of fuel left in the tank. 

The engine shuts down when the oil level reaches a critical point. An hour meter will indicate when the oil is due for change. Generac's unique Powerbar feature shows how much wattage is available and an illuminated control panel makes visibility easy during power outages. You can lock the handle into place and when you want to store it folds easily. Transporting the machine is also not an issue for it has excellent never-flat tires that handle rough surfaces well. An external battery charge jack enables you to keep the generator charged when not in use. 

#3 Powerland PD10000E 10K Watt Generator 

The PD10000E is for rugged use with a heavy duty steel frame and fully isolated mounts which also provides for a silent operation. A muffler further enhances the sound dampening capabilities and makes the machine one of the quietest in its range. Providing ten thousand watts of power it can provide 8,000 surge watts with a 16 horsepower air cooled OHV engine. 

A low oil shutoff feature shuts off the engine when the oil level is low and a low oil warning light also warns you in time. The control panel includes all the controls that you might need along with a volt meter and circuit breaker. A super quiet muffler ensures that noise levels remain low and do not cause a disturbance in the area. The PD10000E will give you a total run time of 10 hours at 50% load with 8.3 gallons of fuel.