Thermal coffee pots are best because they keep the coffee warm with insulation rather than with a burner left on for hours. Make your coffee in the morning and by afternoon, it may have not be piping hot, but it will still taste like coffee. With coffee pots that keep the brew warm by heating, it continually cooks the coffee. With this constant heating, by afternoon you will still have a hot cup of brew, but with more of a burnt sludge taste. These are some of the top rated best coffee makers to buy if you like a good cup of coffee throughout the day at home or at work.

Cuisinart Burr Grind & Thermal 12-cup Coffee Maker (DBG-900BC) Review

What’s exceptional about this Cuisinart coffee maker is that you can put in up to 1.5 pounds of coffee beans into the airtight grinder. When you set how many cups you want made, the coffee maker uses only enough beans to make the number of cups you need. You don’t have to fill the grinder every time you want to make a pot of brew. You do however, have to put in the correct amount of water that you need with each pot you brew. The coffee maker will best coffee maker(87708)Credit: Amazonuse all the water no matter how many cups of coffee you set it for. The cups-of-coffee setting is only for the bean grinder.

Programming options allow you to select mild to strong brew, number of cups, and there is a timer to set the coffee maker to start anytime in the next 24 hours. If you are using ground coffee, you can turn the grinder off. It uses burr grinder, which gives you a better, more consistently sized coffee grounds.

Other features include a charcoal water filter and reusable coffee filter, but you can use paper filters if you prefer these. Finally, Cuisinart is known for making high quality products. You can expect the investment you make to last for several years and it comes with a 3-year-warrently just in case you have a problem with the coffee maker. 

Krups KT600 Silver Art Collection 10-cup Thermal Coffee Maker Review

This Krups 10-cup thermal coffee maker gets a best nod for its functionality and style. It’s stainless steel with wood andbest automatic coffee makerCredit: Amazon chrome trim will fit into any modern style kitchen. It is a basic coffee pot with a simple design. It does not have any programmable options or a grinder. You simply pour the water in, fill the filter with ground beans, and press “on.”

Unlike some other coffee makers which have the water level visible only if you look inside the water container, this Krups has the water level clearly visible on the outside—no need to get a stool to see if your water is filled for those with a short stature.

The Krups KT600 10-cup thermal coffee maker is best for anyone that just wants a cup a coffee and doesn’t want to learn computer programming just to make that cup of coffee. Its only drawback is the higher price considering it doesn’t have a grinder or programming options. The higher price gets you the sleek design and a simple good cup of coffee.