Baby Boomers Bike options

Understand bike option and what bikes are the best.

As baby boomers are taking to retirement, they are currently searching for a safe and healthy pastime to spend there days. Often times baby boomers will look towards bike riding for the fun and relaxation aspects.
If you are a baby boomer currently looking for a decent bike, please read on. There are three ideas that have to be taking into consideration before you purchase your bike. After understanding of these ideas one can purchase a bicycle with proper comfort , price , and knowledge.
Ideas to take in consideration before a Purchase  Bicycle.

Choosing the proper bike often times will come down to what bike you want. There are three options , road racing , mountain bikes, and comfort bikes. If you are a baby boomer in quality heath you can often make a choice of all three. If you are not in good health and just want a gentle bike, please choose a comfort bike. Comfort bikes often are made for cruising a quiet beach-side lane. Padded seats and limited gearing makes comfort bikes a sure win for baby boomers. Lets take a look at three models and reviews for comfort Bikes.

Schwinn Sierra DSX Adult Comfort Bike
The Schwinn Sierra Dsx is one of the best comfort bikes available on the market. The 26 in aluminum frame is built to give the rider the feeling of riding on a cloud. Many riders will use this bike if they are suffering from mild back discomfort, because the Sieerra DSX is sporting a SR/Suntour suspension fork with dual pre-load adjustment system . In laymen terms, it means when you go over bumps and imperfections in the road , often time you will have no discomfort.

Customer reviews
One satisfied customer had this amazing review, “Delivered quickly and only required small amount of assembly. My wife wanted a more comfortable bike than her mountain bike. Seating position is more upright, the unisex design allows her to more easily step down and get on the bike.” The upright seated position will help the back pain customers.  Over all I will give this bike a 5 out of a possible 5 for over all appeal towards baby boomers.

Cadillac Mens Av-H Hybrid Bike
Cadillac Mens Av-H Hybrid Bike is often times compared to its namesake in the bike world. Designed for comfort on asphalt, the Av-H hybrid is equipped with light aluminum frame that helps keep this bike at a weight that will make it easy to transport. The cheaper price compared to the previous bike is due to the lack of any suspension. The Av-H Hybrid makes up the lack of suspension with amazing gripping,700c Wheels with stainless spokes and fast-rolling Kenda Komfort tires that grip the road with ease. The lifetime warrantee on the frame allows you to give this bike a little petal to the metal.

Customer reviews
Satisfying customers is currently not a problem at Cadillac. According to one customer , “Overall I like the hybrid concept. This bike gives a great ride and for less than 200 bucks it's really hard to find fault with anything. “ Pretty strong facts coming from a consumer. I would rate this bike a 4.7 out of a possible 5.

Forge Saranac CM Path and Trail Comfort Bike
Men’s Forge Saranac CM Path and Trail Comfort Bike is a crossover bike that can handle multiple trail conditions. Wether it is a gentle stroll though Central Park or a light off road bike ride Forge Saranac has the tools . Dual suspension in the front and real help for a comfortable ride for our older customers. With amazing allow seat suspension you will often never feel any huge dips when bicycling. With a 17.5 inch frame size the comfort level is increased for smaller riders. An aluminum frame leads to an easier time for transportation , with an over all weight of 29.0 lbs.

Customer reviews
Customers have been overall happy with there purchases of Forge Saranac CM Path and Trail Comfort bike. The ease of construction after receiving is one of the biggest customer feed back . One review stood out with this to say, “I bought this bike a few months ago for exercise and neighborhood trips. I now have over 200 trouble-free miles on it, and I feel I have made a good choice. It is a nice comfortable ride, with a seat stem spring and a front suspension. The click-shifters work great! 1000-MILE UPDATE: I now have 1000 miles on my bike. Except for the normal flat tires, I have had no mechanical problems. So far, this has been a very good bike for me. . Understanding this comment is easy. After over 1000 miles this bike is running good with no complications. I rate this a 4.9 out of a possible 5.

Now that you have general understanding of bike riding and bike options that are out there for you the baby boomers, please take time and go or a ride. Bike rides are a good choice for all boomers to stay in shape.