This year, new car models from manufacturers from Ford to Chevrolet will make it easy to find a new car that works like a dream whether you are a seasoned driver or just beginning to drive independently. For a shared family vehicle in a household where teenagers are rapidly approaching their driver’s licenses, a stable, easy-to-operate car can be the key to successful learning on the part of the new driver. When shopping for a new car this season, look out for models that have learning-friendly features, such as intelligent dynamic systems and push-button selectors instead of gear sticks. Choosing cars with additional safety features, such as airbag-equipped seatbelts and forward-collision assist, can help put your parental mind at ease when your learning teenager drives independently for the first time.

2013 Ford Fusion

One of the sleekest sedans available this year, the Fusion offers 47 miles per gallon before ever reaching the highway and brags up to 100 miles per gallon when you opt for the Energi hybrid version. Even if you opt out of a hybrid, the regular Fusion is still fuel-efficient enough to be a viable choice for a multi-driver household, even when a new driver is readying him or herself to begin putting on the miles.

2013 Honda Accord

One of the models on the 2013 market to offer a continuous transmission system instead of fixed, the Accord offers better fuel economy than similar models without the system. This makes it a good choice for new drivers who plan to put on many aimless miles for the sake of practice, as well as on-the-go households that tend to do a lot of driving already. It also comes with the HondaLink system to easily set up apps for roadside assistance and social radio.

2013 Nissan Altima

Currently the second-most popular car in the country, the Altima is fuel-efficient enough for regular use and full of safety features that will keep the most concerned parent content that their new driver will stay secure. This model even offers a sound alert while inflating the tires, to alert the driver that the recommended pressure has been reached and it is time to turn the air pump off.

2013 Lincoln MKZ

Forbes calls the new Lincoln MKZ model the future of the brand, with its sleek body and up-and-coming series of features. The MKZ will put parents at ease with a number of safety features that include rear seatbelts with inflatable airbags, as well as an intelligent sensory system that safely aids the driver with dynamics such as acceleration and deceleration. Uniquely, this model also offers touch-of-a-button gear selection instead of the usual gear stick, making it particularly friendly to new drivers by making gear switching as second-nature as possible.

2013 Chevrolet Malibu

In addition to being eco-friendly with the integration of the eAssist system, the Malibu is powerful enough for the car enthusiast and restrained enough for the enthusiast’s learning teenager. In addition to its aesthetically-pleasing design and quiet six-speed transmission, the Malibu features online services that you can add optionally through the MyLink system offered by Chevrolet, including Pandora user-personalized radio.