In the wireless world that we have become, it is rare to hear too many consumers talking about land lines. For businesses, though, it is necessary talk. The telephone in all its glory has not become a wireless wonder for the average American office. Moderate size businesses still have to make a choice about the best 2 line telephones to keep their offices functional.

One of the difficulties in making such a decision has to do with the use of the superlative "best." There is no clear way to determine which phone is the absolute best one on the market. Purchasing decisions depend on a number of factors, including budget, timely sales prices, additional phone features, availability, compatibility with current phone service, call quality and phone design. What is a best 2 line telephone for one company may be the nightmare of another.

A good place to start a search for the best 2 line phones is by reading online reviews. Customers who have wide access to the internet have been very generous with offering product reviews for items they have had first-hand experience using. Many potential customers take their buying cues from these opinions.

One of the top 2 line phones on the market is the AT&T 982 2 line speakerphone. The phone is compatible with hearing aids and has a 2.5 mm headset. This telephone is a very basic model and will not have all the bells and whistles of higher grade phones. One of the largest complaints about this phone has been the noticeable low-grade sound quality. It, however, has not been enough of a problem to stop the phone from being one of the most frequently purchased.

There is no display on the phone to showcase incoming calls, so if you want a phone that is a bit more sophisticated, this might not be the one for you. It is top-rated because of its affordability (about $42.79) and because it offers the basic things consumers still need in a land line. The phone memory has room for 24 numbers, and it offers distinctive ringing so that you can tell which line has an incoming call.

The Panasonic KXTS208W is a bit more sleek than the AT&T phone. Unlike the AT&T 982, this phone earns its place among the best two line phones because it does have an LCD display feature, data port and features three-way conference calling. The fancy LCD display, which allows you to control brightness, shows a timer, the dialed number and a clock from the time that you place a call.

In addition to the corded handset that comes with this Panasonic model, there is a speakerphone feature and a headset with controllable volume on all three talking features. The phone is usually all white - not a very attractive feature for an office where many people handle the phone and the risk of seeing dirt and smudge prints is higher. It also only stores 10 numbers in memory. The Panasonic KXTS208W retails for about $59.99.

One of the most talked about features on the GE 29484GE2 is its comparatively very large LCD display. The display panel shows the number you dial, time, date, caller ID and call time. It also allows you to verify numbers in memory and create a memo that can be displayed. With three-way conferencing capabilities and a 16-number memory capacity, the GE 29484GE2 has a data port for plugging in a fax, modem or answering machine. Like the Panasonic model, this also offers distinctive ringing. The suggested retail price of the GE 29484GE2 comes in at about $33.48.

The modern office takes advantage of almost every kind of land line imaginable. Because of the nature of how they do business, some offices search high and low for the best 2 line cordless telephone. This is ideal for an office with a small staff (often a single person in the office all day alone) that has to multitask in order to keep workflow and response to customers at an efficient level. It is not a surprise to find an office worker filing or photocopying with a sleek slim cordless phone in his hand.

In order to find the best 2 line telephones for your office, it is good to do an assessment of your current needs. If you are the boss, would you like your receptionist or the person who fields incoming calls to be able to move around, or would you like the person to be at the desk to receive calls? Sometimes, the whole case for improving efficiency rests on making sure that your receptionist cannot move away from the desk and get distracted by lesser, meaningless tasks (like talking to co-workers).

Once you decide what the best 2 line telephones are for you as a manager in terms of budget and operation, discuss the choice with the person who will be taking calls. You should make sure that he or she is comfortable and has a phone that is functional. Then there is no excuse for not getting the job done.