Looking for an affordable Television for under three hundred bucks?

Some years back, telling someone that you have an LCD screen would have meant absolutely nothing. Times have changed and everyone knows that an LCD screen TV basically means that you have a flat screen TV.

Most people don't really understand what the inner workings of a liquid crystal display are. The fact is, you don't have to understand because the most important thing is getting an electrical device that will do what you want.

The same thing goes for people using remote controls. All you need to know is that you can point the control in the direction of the TV and press and a few buttons in order to get it to work. You also know that when the remote doesn't work, you can shake it or throw it against the wall. After that, you realize that it was just a dead battery that needed to be replaced.


Sceptre X322BV-HD TelevisionSceptre X322BV-HD TelevisionCredit: Amazon

For those who want cheap tv deals on feature-rich television sets, this brand should be on your list of things to consider. It is a high definition 720p 32" inch television set.

It offers a 178° viewing angle so all the fmaily can see well, even in a small room. It comes with 3 HDMI ports and a VGA port which will allow you to transform your TV into an LCD computer monitor if you want to, or for gaming.

This product can be purchased for $280 at Kmart and for $210 at Walmart, and is under $200 at Amazon.   Even though the brand is not a household name, this best selling- product you get will still give you greatentertainment value.


Toshiba - 32C110UBest 32" LCD TV under $300 for 2012Credit: Amazon

If you're only into buying consumer electronics from major brands, this Toshiba 32 inch flat screen television is worth looking into.

This lightweight television comes with VGA inputs for connection to a laptop which will turn your television into a computer monitor if needed asnd is nice for the dorm room at college or the kids bedrooms.

It also comes with two HDMI ports which are enough for most users needs. The USB port will also allow you to get more out of your USB enabled devices like your camcorder or digital camera, playing back and sharing movies with ease. This is great for moments when you want to get better sound and playback on a bigger screen.  A great buy for around three hundred dollars.

Some reviewers have issue with the sound quality, but for the money this is still a great buy.  There are many affordable soundbars out there you can hook up as well if soun is an issue.


Philips - 32PFL3506Philips 32PFL3506 F7 32-inch 720p LCD HDTVCredit: Amazon

Philips high-definition 720p flat screen TV is very lightweight at only 17.2 pounds.

It was built with user comfort in mind as you get of 170° viewing angle, three HDMI ports, CEC feature that will enable you to control multiple electronic devices from a single remote control.

This will come in handy for those who plan to connect their receiver, DVD player, and other devices to their home entertainment center. It is also a very interesting TV because it is only 3.7 inches deep. That is a lot of technology packed into a very tiny package for under $240.


Ready to shop?

When it comes to choosing the best 32" LCD TV under $300 in 2012, you will realize that the most important thing is not the year the product was manufactured. 

Often times, a product is released in a particular year and it is only marketed the following year. The same goes for electrical devices like LCD TVs.