Looking for a nice 42

If you are used to watching movies on a small television screen, you will secretly want to get your hands on a bigger and wider screen. One of the reasons is perceived quality. Is it true that bigger screens offer better user experience? One of the reasons for this perception has to do with the experience you get when you go out to watch a movie at the cinema.

You get this massive image that is projected to the wall; you get Dolby surround sound; you get the audience, you get the pop corn and the fizzy drinks, you get a true user entertainment experience. With that in mind, most people try to replicate the same feeling by building a home theater entertainment environment.

Product manufacturers are aware of your desire and are trying their best to give you what you want. That said, the television is the center of any home entertainment system. What about a 42 inch TV for under $400? Here are a few that you can consider:


Sharp LC - 42SV49USharp LC42SV49U 42-Inch 1080p LCD TVCredit: Amazon

If you want full high-definition 1080p resolution television screen, this Sharp 42 inches LCD product should be on your list. You get a very generous device with 4 HDMI ports that will allow you to connect your TV to other home entertainment devices like your receiver. You get a USB port that can be used to connect your camcorder or digital camera. It is rather heavy and not that slim line either.

It comes in at 11.2 inches deep. That said, you get 176° viewing angle. If you're wondering what that is, you need to go into a store and take a look at any LCD TV from an angle.You will notice that the image quality is not often the same. The idea behind the 176° viewing angle is that you get the same quality no matter where you might be viewing. That said, this product can be purchased at Best Buy $399.


RCA   42PA30RQRCA   42PA30RQ LCD TVCredit: Amazon

For those looking for an affordable televisions cream with great quality, this 42 inches RCA device will be worth looking into. It is a plasma television with 720p high definition feature.

It comes with 600Hz refresh rate which is what to expect from most modern plasma TVs. It comes with a generous 3 HDMI ports and 176° viewing angle. It is available for purchase at Best Buy for $399.

LG - 42PJ350C

The LG brand of television is well appreciated because of the quality you get. That said, when you want a 42 inches device that cost less than $400, you will need to look at retailers offering discounts.

LG 42PJ350 42-Inch 720p Plasma HDTVCredit: Amazon

Even if this LG 42PJ350C is not the newest, it is still worth considering in 2012. It comes with high-definition 720p, three HDMI ports, CEC feature that allows a single point of management without messing around with multiple remote controls, it features a VGA input that allows transforming your appliance into the computer screen ; it comes with SPDIF interface that will give you surround Dolby sound when connected to your receiver. Basically you're getting a good TV set for $340 at PurchaseGoodz.com.


Toshiba - 40FT2U

Toshiba 40FT2U 40-Inch 1080p LCD HDTVCredit: Amazon


This is a nice stylish LCD TV that offers full high-definition and 40 inches screen. It is not the most generous when it comes to HDMI ports as you only get 2 but that should be enough to get you started with your home entertainment appliances. It also comes with a VGA input which is very handy for those who might just want a single device to act as a TV and also a computer monitor.

Toshiba is a reputable brand and those who invested in this television have been pleased with their purchase. It comes with everything you will need and expect in a modern TV sets and it can be purchased for as little as $399 at Walmart, Best Buy and Amazon.