Try doing random acts of kindness throughout the year and not just during its official week which begins February 15th and ends on the 21st. The list of ideas will hopefully inspire you and help to get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with your own unique random acts of kindness.

1. Hold the door open for another person.

2. Do a nice act when driving such as letting another driver out in traffic. Instead of getting angry with a driver who makes a minor driving error, make a gesture to let them know you understand and it's ok.

3. Next time you are visiting someone in the hospital, take a few minutes to stop into someones room who does not have any visitors at the time.

4. Make a new friend at work or a place you frequent.

5. Teach a neighborhood kid how to cook. Invite them over for a cooking class.

6. Take up a collection for a food bank and deliver it.

7. Pump someones gas for them or anonymously pay for their tank of gasoline.

8. Clean up around the neighborhood you live in.

9. Show your local police or fire department you appreciate them by dropping off some baked goods.

10. Find something nice to say about everyone you meet today.

11. Help a child with their homework.

12. Give a family family member or friend a thoughtful note.

13. Tell your children why you love them and point out their unique and wonderful qualities.

14. Clean up the graffiti in your neighborhood or another near by location.

15. Arrange to stop by a nursing home and play the piano for the residents or simply read to someone who may not be able to, hold and massage their hands, listen to what they would like to talk about or feed someone who needs assistance in doing so but in a non-rushed manner.

16. Shovel snow or sweep the driveway for a neighbor.

17. Do something thoughtful to cheer up a friend who you know needs it.

18. Donate blood every few months.

19. Give a hug to a family member or a friend for no reason at all.

20. Say "hello" to people you do not know.

21. Offer to babysit for a couple you know could use the special time together.

22. Let someone waiting in line behind you at the grocery store, go ahead.

23. Volunteer at your local elementary school to read to a class of students.

25. With so many of the schools not providing art class like they used to, volunteer to give art lessons to several rooms of students every month or two.

26. When going out to dinner, pull out your guests chair for them.

27. Wash someones vehicle in the neighborhood.

28. Take a neighbors newspaper to them.

29. Leave the mail carrier a thank you note letting him or her know you appreciate their work.

30. Do something special for a neighbor to let them know how much you value their friendship.

31. Tell a manager of a store you shop at how much you appreciate an employees assistance.

32. Next time you see someone asking for change, kindly hand them your pocket change with a comforting smile.

33. Purchase some small flower vases from a thrift store or yard sale for about 10 cents a piece. Then buy wrapped flowers and arrange them in the vases. Get out your local phone book and randomly pick a few names and deliver a vase of flowers to each of them early in the morning before they wake.

34. Print some inspiring signs and post them around the town you reside in.

35. Leave your change in a soda machine or snack machine for the next person.

36. Buy a meal for a homeless person or deliver them a home-made one.

37. Let your employees leave a half hour early one day as a surprise.

38. Send your employees an e-card letting them know how much they are appreciated.

39. Wheel your neighbors trash can out for pick up.

40. Add some quarters to someones parking meter.

41. Pay for someones food order behind you in a drive through line.

42. Leave change in a pay phone.

43. Try doing as many random acts of kindness by being anonymous.

45. Offer to run an errand for someone.

46. Pick a friend or neighbors children up from school or daycare.

47. Make an extra serving for someone and deliver it for dinner.

49. Call a parent to say nothing more than you love them.

50. Give a blanket or warm clothing to a homeless person.