Rug Cleaning(80829)

Rugs indeed offer a perfect addition to your home and with them you can easily make your style statement with great ease. It is however of great significance to know how to clean and keep up them so that they appealing condition can be maintained for long. This is considering the fact that many people tend to make grave mistakes when it comes to cleaning rugs, whereby they end up reducing their longevity quite considerably. This is mainly through adopting the wrong rug cleaning methods or using harmful detergents that only serve to damage the rugs.

The following carpet cleaning tips will help keep your rugs in pristine condition for a long period:

Flip the rag monthly and clean the back. One of the best ways of maintaining the carpet is by flipping it upside down and vacuüm cleaning it at the back. It always works well when you use either a rotating or bar brush vacuüm for this. It is however recommended that you use suction for cleaning the front. The importance of  using the beater or rotating brush is that it helps in sucking up the fine wool fibers that tend to wear away the wool rug. For cleaning synthetic area rugs, it is advisable that you use the rotating or beating bar brush both at the back and at the front of the rug.

Do not vacuüm clean the tassels or the fringes. Whenever you run the vacuüm cleaner through the tassels, they easily get stuck into the beater bar of the vacuüm cleaner. The best way to clean them is by bluffing using the hand since using any other method only serves to ruin them.

Be keen while using carpet sprays and shampoos. It is important to know that carpet shampoos are primarily made for synthetic wall to wall carpets and not for small wool rugs. You should check the label keenly before resorting to use any of the shampoos or sprays for carpet cleaning. In the event that you decide to use a shampoo or spotter, you should make sure that you thoroughly rinse it out. Any residue left on the carpet will only serve to attract more dirt, thus nullifying your cleaning efforts. On the same issue of using shampoos and sprays, you should first test your rug colors using a white damp cotton towel to make sure the colors will not bleed or run altogether.

Always make sure you get rid of stains or spills in your rug as soon as they occur. Basically, the method of cleaning stains will be determined by the type of the spillage. You can either choose to blot or scrape the stain depending on its nature. For blotting, you should use a clean white cotton dry towel and then press hard the stain starting from the outside towards the middle. You should do this several times until you absorb enough moisture. You should avoid rubbing in circular motion as this will only make the stain more stubborn. In case it’s a milk spillage, you should take caution by rinsing thoroughly the area using mild detergents to make sure the residue does not turn sour. case of a red wine spill, you should use at least 10 percent of hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap and then apply to a cotton towel for blotting.

Neutralize pet odors using a mixture of white vinegar and water. This should be done in the ratio of 1:3 respectively. The reason it is important to adhere to this need is because much vinegar can make the colors bleed and thus ruin the look and quality ofthe carpet.

Finally, you can enjoy the best of rug cleaning by hiring a professional rug cleaner. This way you’ll be guaranteed that there’ll be no damages due to some of the mistakes that you can make by doing it on your own.