You’ve decided you want to be a zombie for Halloween and you have the best-looking zombie makeup, but you’re not sure how you died. The death wound on a zombie can be the most shocking part of your Halloween makeup. Use these zombie costumes ideas to decide on a creative and bloody death wound. 

Bite wound

The most commonly used of the zombie costume ideas is the fresh bite from another zombie. Neck or face placement make for a particularly gruesome and easily seen injury. Use teeth shaped marks formed in a circle, like a mouth, or go with a bloody, gaping hole, as if the zombie bit out a chunk. 

Bullet holes

Of all the zombie costume ideas, the bullet hole(s) require the least amount of makeup. Make a hole or two in your shirt, drench the holes in fake blood liberally and you have a believable bullet wound. 

Axe in the head

A common costume prop, not often thought of as a zombie costume prop, are headbands/wigs with axes, arrows and other deadly weapons in them. Zombies wound technically be permanently dead with such a head wound, but who says your zombie costume ideas have to fallow movie mythos? 

Broken leg

You probably broke your leg in your attempts to escape the zombie horde that chased you through the supermarket, the mall or even through your own living room. A broken leg can be made with torn jeans, some chicken bones and liquid latex. Don’t forget to apply blood liberally. 

Car crash

Your car was overpowered by hordes of zombies as you tried to speed away. Your car was either tipped over or rammed by another car also trying to escape. Zombies pulled you out and devoured you, ripping you through gnarled glass and metal. Re-create these lacerations all over your face, clothing and body, as well as various bite marks. Don’t forget a few broken limbs if you were in a particularly bad car crash.