If you’re in that lovey dovey mood or if you’re just in the mood for a few 90’s love songs, then you can’t go wrong here. I’ve compiled a list of some of the sweetest love songs that you can possibly think of—from multiple genres. There are love songs from the 90’s for everyone! So, here are a few love song favorites from all of the previous 90’s music; maybe you’ll find a few 90’s love songs that you used to love!

“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”-Aerosmith, Armageddon Soundtrack, 1998

“I could stay awake, just to see you breathing…” Of the many 90’s love songs that came out, this is one that people remember the best in households that mainly listened to rock and roll. This is a sweet song about how precious and sweet a guy’s love is for his girlfriend, or wife, or anyone in between. Every moment their special someone makes is just THAT special…so special that they want to see everything, lest they miss it. This is one of those love songs from the 90s that reminds you how short your time really is—and how important it is to just enjoy those around you. A great pick from 90s music.

“Tears in Heaven”-Eric Clapton, Rush Soundtrack, 1992

“Would you know my name…if I saw you in heaven?” This is one of those love songs from the 90s picks that doesn’t necessarily mean what you think it might mean. It’s actually about his son…who died when he was too young to really live his life. However, it can apply to anyone who left far too soon…This song indicates the importance of time—how time changes everything, but it doesn’t change how much you care about those who are truly special to you—whether they be your little one, your wife, your parent, or anyone in between. Not your typical 90s love songs pick or even typical 90s music.

“Don’t Take the Girl”-Tim McGraw, A Moment Too Soon, 1994

“Johnny’s dad was taking him fishing…when he was eight years old…” If you’ve heard this pick out of our 90’s love songs, then you know how special it is. It shows how love always prevails—and how it endures. We won’t spoil the ending—but it indicates just how love develops over time…and how, in the end, a person is willing to give ANYTHING to that person, because they care about them so much. A great 90’s music country pick, if you’re into country. one of many great love songs from the 90’s!

“Again”-Janet Jackson, Poetic Justice, 1993

“I heard from a friend today and she said you were back in town…” This is a song about memories about those who you truly loved that you let slip away… This is one of those love songs from the 90s that’s good for reminiscing about the past and different things that you’ve done. Definitely a love song and definitely 90s music…but a little sad. Good if you’re looking for 90s love songs…but not something sappy and happy.

“Nothing Compares 2 U”-Sinead O’ Connor, So Far…the Best of Sinead O’

“It’s been seven hours and fifteen days, since you took your love away”. There are quite a few songs about losing little ones on our love songs from the 90s list. Like “Tears in Heaven”, this 90s love song pick reminds us of how important the bond between a parent and a child is…and others that you’ve lost. It shows how, even if you might gain more freedom when they’re gone…it’s not the same. There’s no sense of liberation—just desperation and loneliness. This was top of the charts in 90s music.

“November Rain”-Guns and Roses, Use Your Illusion, 1992

“When I look into your eyes, I can see a love restrained”. This is a breakup song,  but not exactly. There is a bit more to it. In this love songs from the 90s pick, it talks about choice. We all have choices and there’s a point where we start to truly respect other’s choices. In this 90 love songs pick, the main person speaking knows that they might not be with the person forever…but they’re kind of hoping that they will. A great pick in 90s music.

“End of the Road”, Boys II Men, Cooleyhighharmony, 1992

“Girl, you know we belong together…” This love songs from the 90s pick is about it ending—when everything felt alright. If you’ve ever been in a relationship where it felt like both of you were meant for each other…and then it ended, then you know how this feels. However, all great things are meant to come to an end…a beautiful song that shows off just how soft and sweet 90s music could be—and a great example of 90s love songs.

“Glycerine”, Bush, Sixteen Stone, 1995

“It must be your skin that I’m sinking in”. If you’re into grunge-y love songs from the 90s, then this is the perfect song for you. this song is about doubt, in love, and insecurities. It also speaks about trying to keep things as they are—glycerin is sometimes used as a preservative and a sweetener; sometimes things are sweeter how they once were. However, “glycerine” also sounds a lot like “glistening”, which might indicate that it’s all a mirage and they really had nothing at all. Great examples of the 90s music grunge movement—and that there are even grunge 90s love songs.

“You Were Meant for Me”, Jewel, Pieces of You, 1996

“I hear the clock, it’s six am…” This is a classic 90s love songs pick about the life after a breakup. Kind of like “End of the Road”, but from a girl’s point of view. Of the many love songs from the 90s, this is one of the softer, yet more energetic ones. It talks about the hope that someone will come back, even as you go back to your life without them. A staple of 90s music.

These are just a few great examples of 90s love songs. What are your favorites?