An Accredited Degree Is An Absolute Necessity

Attending an Accredited Online Certificate Program is absolutely necessary if you want to make an impact in today's work environment.

So What Are The Best Accredited Online Certificate Programs

Allied Health Online Certificate Division of Mildred Elley- Their online Medical Transcription certificate program consists of dictation including: Letters, Progress Notes, Pathology Reports,  History and Physical Reports, Discharge Summaries, Consultation Reports and Operative Notes.

In addition to hands-on transcribing, the student is also trained in voice recognition editing and goes through an instructor-guided externship. Students are instructed in industry-related equipment necessary for appropriate job performance, HIPAA regulations, employment opportunities, transcription resources and the use of technology.

Their AHDI approved and New York State licensed medical transcription curricula provide students with the highest quality of comprehensive training courses available in the industry, preparing all of the students for immediate employment in a portable career that can be practiced nationwide. After training with us, you are ready to sit for AHDI's RMT (Registered Medical Transcriptionist) exam, showing employers that you have the knowledge base required to succeed for them or for the CCA (Certified Coding Associate) exam, giving you the credentials to open up even more opportunities.


Central Texas College online certificate program- Their online Medical Transcription Certificate Program is your first step toward a successful career as a medical transcriptionist is to enroll. You will get High Quality Online Instruction from a Leader in Distance Education. Central Texas College consistently ranks in the top twenty online programs. CTC is accredited by the Commission on Colleges, Southern Association of Colleges & Schools, is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC), is an original educational partner in both eArmyU and GoArmyEd, and is a member of SLOAN-C Distance Education Consortium. They work with top educators and professionals in the field to ensure that you receive the very best quality instruction. The medical transcription field is flexible, portable, and in demand. The logo approved by AHDI Educational Program. Many experienced medical transcriptionists (MTs) work from their homes as independent contractors, subcontractors, or home-based employees. Because a large amount of the work is received and submitted over the Internet, an MT can live in Texas, work for a company based in Philadelphia, and transcribe for a hospital in California. Also, if you need to relocate, your job can go with you! Simply put, medical transcription is anywhere and everywhere you want to be. When you graduate from our program with a certificate in medical transcription, you will have gained knowledge in medical record content, speech recognition and general transcription skills. This knowledge designates you as a medical content specialist. This will enable you to seek entry-level employment not only in medical transcription, but also in related fields such as medical record abstracting, speech recognition editing and office/government transcription. After you have obtained enough experience, there is room for you to work from home.


The Medical Technology Education Center (MTEC)-  provides accredited certificate programs for the prospective students, it was developed and founded by experienced MTs who made it their mission to provide the highest quality education for medical transcription training. Our excellent placement rate for Premier graduates indicates that MTEC grads are sought after by employers across the country. We provide you with the tools you need and highly qualified instructor support to make you successful and achieve your goal of becoming a medical transcriptionist.

They are the Leading Online Speech Recognition Editing and Medical Transcription Program and the first medical transcription and speech recognition editing school approved by AHDI. With the most comprehensive program available, it's no wonder we have an outstanding placement rate for graduates with the nations top medical transcription employers, and that over 80% of our graduates pass the RMT exam. 


Med-Line School- leads the field in medical transcription training at all levels.  As an ACCP-approved program with 25 years in the industry, Med-Line offers a complete program that is unrivaled. Med-Line’s complete medical transcription program is self-paced and on average it takes about 18 months. Med-Line School trains to the acute care level, the highest in the business. Med-Line School uses only CMT instructors who work in the industry to offer the most effective training. Med-Line offers a paid internship to qualified students, a rarity in medical transcription training. Upon graduation, Med-Line offers individualized job placement assistance.  Med-Line School of Medical Transcription has an outstanding track record for graduate placement.

Their distance education program offers a cutting edge 6-month continuing education program that's been specifically designed for undertrained graduates of other medical transcription programs or practicing MTs who require advanced training in order to best qualify for becoming an acute care health documentation specialist.  Career Advancement Course students have participated in Med-Line School’s medical transcription paid internship program and have gone onto successful placement.



MDS of Kansas, LLC-  offer training at all levels be it certificate, diploma or degree consequently producing specialists for Medical transcription  all specialties, including hospital reports, acute care, and radiology.

ISC (independent subcontractor) all medical transcriptionists are of legal age, properly trained with certificates and/or degrees from well-recognized institutes, and complying with all HIPAA standards and recommendations.


Everett Community College comprehensive medical transcription program- is approved by the Approval Committee for Certificate Programs (ACCP), a joint committee established by AHIMA and AHDI to approve medical transcription education certificate programs. AHIMA and AHDI acknowledge the ACCP approval committee as the process to identify quality medical transcription education programs that have been evaluated by a peer review process against a minimum set of standards for entry-level medical transcription professionals. This process allows academic institutions, healthcare organizations, and private companies to be acknowledged as offering an AHDI Approved Medical Transcription Certificate Program.

Various factors make AHDI Approval valuable including: identification of the public specialized programs that meet established medical transcription educational standards, stimulative improvement of educational standards by involving faculty and staff in program evaluation and planning and faculty development opportunities, promoting  better understanding of the goals of professional medical transcription education and provision of a reasonable assurance that practitioners possess the necessary job skills upon entry into the profession.