Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500

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Becoming a musician isn't exactly a budget operation, but you can get an excellent instrument for very little these days. If you're searching for the best acoustic guitars under $500, you've come to the right place! Good, cheap acoustic guitar brands are out there, and they don't suffer much in comparison to some much higher end models. 

For the best cheap acoustic guitar, read a few of these reviews and learn a little bit about the brands and types to look for. Undoubtedly you'll find something to please you! For the best electric guitars under $500, click the link.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500: Equipment

If you're searching for the best acoustic guitars under $500, you're likely not getting the highest end model in that brand's range! You're likewise not getting a base model either, unless the brand is fairly ritzy. In a good, cheap acoustic guitar, you're going to have a few sacrifices for the price. First off, don't expect any fancy inlays or pearl tuning knobs. The best acoustic guitars under $500 don't exactly come with the premium features found on 'luxury' brands. But who cares? As long as it sounds great, that's all that matters!

You'll also notice that good, cheap acoustic guitar brands tend to lack some of the bonus equipment that go with fancier models. Things such as built in tuners and internal mics and pickups are often missing on these lower end models. This won't affect the sound quality of any good, cheap acoustic guitar brands, but it will definitely lower the overall usability of your instrument. (If you're planning to tour or do any professional shows, pickups, tuners and other electronic additions may be invaluable).

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500: Takamine G Series 340C

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I've always been a big fan of Takamine for their big, bright sound and wonderful playability. The Takamine G Series 340C is no different, and it's one of the best acoustic guitars under $500 out there! It has a lot of features that cheaper models don't usually come with. You don't find a lot of cheap, good acoustic guitars with built in electronics!

The Takamine 340C has a spruce top, mahogany sides and back, and a rosewood fretboard. The result is a nice, bright clear sound that any player would be really happy with. Combine that with the electronics and you've got a heck of a deal for around $400.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500: Simon and Patrick SP6 Spruce

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The Simon and Patrick SP6 spruce is one of the best acoustic guitars under $500 for a reason. The makers are also responsible for the higher end Seagull and Godin guitars, and their craftsmanship is almost unrivaled. 

The neat thing about these good, cheap acoutic guitars is that they are very light, without sacrificing volume or sustain. The feel is very nice, and the action and playability are perfect for a beginner, without being too muddy for a professional. This good, cheap acoustic guitar is set up and ready to go almost completely out of the box. 

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $500: Fender DG-14S

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When looking for the best acoustic guitars under $500, it's pretty hard to go wrong with Fender. They're iconic in the electric guitar world, and they make a pretty mean acoustic too! A good, cheap acoustic guitar is the Fender DG-14S. Solidly constructed and very inexpensive at around $350 in any store, this is a great buy. It doesn't come with any electronics, but it has a really reasonable price for what you get. 

It's a solid spuce top with laminated maple sides and back and a rosewood fingerboard, and the sound is impressively bright and airy. It's one of the best acoustic guitars for under $500 because it's got an excellent range. Anything from finger-picking guitar style to loud strumming will be handled nicely by this instrument.