Do you remember the excitement that you would experience when you played a board game?  Do you remember the joy of conquering everyone else?  Can you still feel the sting from the epitome of defeat?  As children, board games are a staple in our lives.  But as adults, we often forget to integrate these simple and enjoyable pastime into our lives.  

There are excellent board games that you can play as an adult that will have you creating new fond memories.  Here is a list of board games that will liven up any party: 


The things you will do will surprise you.  This is a game that feels like Pictionary, meets Charades, meets Scrabble.  One minute you will create a Leonardo daVince worthy drawing, only to be met with the challenge to channel your inner Emmy winner to put on your best word spelling hat.

In Cranium your team will play against another team in a race around the board through various activities.  Like most board games, the objective is to get to the finish line the fastest.


You will draw your hiney off again and again. Sometimes your drawings will exhibit the inner DaVinci in you.  Other times, they will show, well your inner second grader.  You do not have to be the best artist, you only have to be good enough to get more points than the other team.

In Pictionary, each team draws an item on a card based on the color of the die or the space that they are on.  Of course, you want to beat the other team to the finish line while mastering your artistic challenges.


Every home should have this game.  Besides being turned into a championship event, it allows you to think and spell your best (finally, all of those spelling tests from elementary school are finally paying off).

The objective of Scrabble is to spell the words that will earn you the most points.  Certain letters (like Q and Z) are notorious for their high points.  However, spelling words while on double and triple letter squares can net you just as many points.


There are so many versions of Monopoly that it is almost mind blowing.  Honestly, the game has not changed that much except that it has added an electronic change machine. The concept is the same regardless of the decorations on the page.  Just channel your inner capitalist and own as much property as you can.

In Monopoly you move around the board trying to buy up different properties.  Always try to buy the properties of the same color.  This is the game that requires you to watch your money while trying to conquer the board.


Chess is the ultimate game of strategy and application.  This is the game to buy if you want to pit your wit against the wit of others.  It is simple to learn but difficult to master. 

In chess, each piece can move a certain way and the object is to protect your king (think King Arthur and the knights of the round table).  Each piece can contribute a certain amount of protection that another piece is not able to provide.  Some pieces are worth sacrificing, while others are not.

When you are planning your next party consider some of the board games that were mentioned.  Board games provide a good opportunity to learn about the personalities of other individuals.