There are a lot of causes in our indoor dusts. Dead skin is considered a major dust problem. People shed hundreds of pounds of dead skin each year. There are a lot of microscopic animals that love to feed off the dead skin and as they feast away they will leave a trail of waste behind. Now just imagine all the people and animals in your home leaving their "dead skin" behind Now you will encounter a huge dust problem. Generally speaking, any home that is not cleaned very well will have a lot of insect feces floating around in the air which will cause allergies and overall immune system weakening.

There are a few recommended air purifiers. They are made by IQAir, Alen or BlueAir. These air purifiers remove over 98% of all airborne particles such as: pollen, mold, dander and dust. They also have high quality features.

Here are the top 3 of the best air purifier's to remove dust with their performance details;
IQAir HealthPro: The IQAir model was the top performer in all the air purifiers. They have been tested to have removed 100% of the particles when measured at the air output and removed 98% of the particles in the room after running for 20 minutes. IQAir models use HEPA filters. They have been tested at all fan speeds and worked just as well.

Alen A 350 and Alen A 375UV: Both this type of purifier was tested to have removed 98% of the particles at the unit and 97% of the particles in the room. Both of these have the same HEPA technology and the difference is the A375UV has a carbon filter plus 2 UV lamps. These two units perform as well as the more expensive units like IQAir and BlueAir in dust and pollen removal, but are quite close to the price. The other advantage to these units is of the cheaper filter replacement cost which is economical to own and operate.

Alen™ Paralda The Paralda is a leader in green design and is the first air purifier ever to be RoHS compliant because they are lead-free and safe for the environment. The Paralda removes 98% of airborne particles in the room with air flow that pulls in air from the back and circulates out two sides to improve air flow.
Lately, more and more of these air purifiers are coming out of the market which really helps in removing dust in our homes and offices.