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If you want to buy a great point and shoot digital camera, the Canon PowerShot A2300 makes a great choice. It is packed with features, it is a great buy and it is all most people need to take stunning photographs. It is backed by Canon, one of the pioneers of photography and a modern powerhouse company in the digital age. Unlike other brands, Canon adapted to the changes modern technology brought to the marketplace. Their Canon PowerShot A2300 is the result of company ingenuity and ability to meet the demands of the most thrifty photographer.

Price Point
The Canon PowerShot A2300 is now available for well under $100. This is an amazing price which might not last long. Other models of the camera are available for a higher amount. They are identical except for the case color. For a $50 savings, many people will forgo the stylish look and just enjoy their extremely capable camera. Some advice, however: if you want to get this unit for the incredibly low cost, you should buy it now or possibly pay a higher amount later.

Megapixels in the Canon PowerShot A2300
This little camera packs 16 megapixels, (16mp), into a small package. This is one of the highest megapixel counts available in a point and shoot digital camera. What can you do with all of these? If you just take photos for email or Internet sharing, the vast number of megapixels won't help you much. For those cases, you should dial down the megapixels to perhaps half as many. This is done with a simple camera setting. Sometimes you might want to crop, or select a small area of an image, and expand that spot. Having a lot of megapixels allows a cropped image to display well. With smaller megapixels available, there isn't as much detail in the shot so enlarging is basically impossible. Again, photos for email or Internet typically do not have a problem as these are seldom cropped or enlarged. Since the PowerShot provides 16mp at an affordable price, they give the owner flexibility.

Favorable Owner Reviews
Owners who provide reviews of their cameras are worth noting. When you look at the number of reviews, and their ratings, of many camera brands, you start to see trends. Many perfectly acceptable digital cameras have about 10% negative comments. This can be used as a benchmark. If a camera has more than 10% negative reviews, it is likely a worse than normal camera. Obviously, if the percentage of negative reviews is less, the camera is likely better than normal. The Canon PowerShot A2300 ranks at just over 5%. This is a measure of quality for the unit.

Of course, negative reviews indicate that real owners had real problems. Here, again, the Canon PowerShot A2300 ranks well. Of the few negative reviews seen, a couple were due to shipping problems. One person was disappointed that the camera did not come with a memory card. All buyers of digital cameras should note well that practically all modern cameras do not include any photograph memory at all. In days past, the camera would have a small amount of internal memory which was expanded with a plugin card. Now most absolutely require the addition of a memory card. Luckily, prices for such cards is now very low.

A few owners did report issues with picture quality. These problems are usually resolved easily by the retailer. Buyers wanting to travel with their camera should buy the unit early. This will allow any early issues to be resolved before the trip is started. It will also allow the owner to become familiar with the operation of the camera before the need to take irreplaceable shots happens.

Additional Capabilities
The Canon PowerShot A2300 is packed with features beyond the number of megapixels. It ships with a 5x optical and 4x digital zoom for a total of 20x capability. This allows owners to zoom in on distant features before capturing an image. This ability, however, does take some practice. At such high zoom levels, the image will be jumpy. The camera's image stabilization system will attempt to keep the image focused but it may have trouble, especially in low light conditions. For regular 20x photography, the use of a good tripod is advised.

The PowerShot is also able to take high definition video recordings. Many photographers find that this feature allows them to pack a single camera for multiple situations. While point and shoot cameras often have trouble keeping up with the action when taking videos, this model does pretty well. Those wishing to use the video recording features should practice extensively and learn how to take full advantage of the feature. Bear in mind that the image stabilization feature will be taxed to the limit with video. By keeping the camera as still as possible, the photographer can help to obtain much better images. This is true of photo shots as well but is magnified for video. Again, a good tripod often allows for a substantial improvement.

Automatic Features
This camera offers 32 predefined photo settings. Each can be used to take advantage of different situations automatically. For example, the "Night" setting will establish slower shutter speeds and longer image exposure time. This lets the camera absorb as much light as possible. Owners should experiment with this setting and try to keep as still as possible during shooting. The "Landscape" and "Day time" settings work to adjust for abundant light and color. The other settings, "Action", "Close-up", etc, automatically set exposures and light sensitivity to optimal values for those situations. Again, owners should practice each of the available modes well in advance of important photo situations.

Putting it all Together
The Canon PowerShot A2300 is a great little point and shoot camera that provides a range of impressive features. It has a photo sensor that is top of the line. It has great image stabilization. It is available at an unbeatable price. Owners have found the unit to be very capable with very few serious problems. Most photographers will find themselves using this to take great pictures.

Canon PowerShot A2300 IS 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom (Black)
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(price as of Apr 6, 2016)
At this price, with these features, this camera is basically a "Must-Buy" unit!
Davis & Sanford EXPLORERV Vista Explorer 60" Tripod with Tripod Bag, BONUS Smartphone Adapter and 10 Year Warranty
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A tripod makes everyone a better photographer. This unit is highly regarded by owners and it is available at a reasonable cost.
Transcend 8 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card (TS8GSDHC10E)
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Modern digital cameras usually do not include a memory card. Luckily, such a device is now very economical. This size will hold a couple of thousand extremely high resolution photos.
Transcend 32 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card (TS32GSDHC10E)
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Store 4 times as many photographs with this memory card.

Canon iMAGE Program

Canon now offers the iMAGE photo gallery service to all owners of their cameras. iMAGE provides an online cloud storage account with 10gb of space. This allows photos to be stored on a secure server which is available when the owner is connected to the Internet. Photos can easily be shared or the storage area can be used for backup purposes. Photographs are often highly prized and they are generally irreplaceable. Since they are so important, they should be protected. The Canon iMAGE cloud account may be part of a comprehensive image protection strategy.