I read somewhere that pure ceramic flat irons were the best, and that's why I chose to own an Amika flat iron. Amika has pure ceramic flat irons that don't cost 3 or 4 hundred dollars. I want the best that I can get, and I want it at the best price. Don't you?

My Amika reaches its operating temperature of 400 degrees in 10 seconds. I know a lot of other flat irons have variable temperature controls, but why should I pay for something I don't even need? 400 degrees works perfectly on my hair.

Of course some of the Amika models offer adjustable heat too. 
The Amika flat iron I am using uses far infrared which they say is much gentler to my hair than some other flat irons which don't have this technology.

How to use Amika Flat irons for best results

To give you an idea of how my day goes when I use my flat iron here's what happens. I wash my hair with a moisturizing shampoo and condition with a hydrating conditioner. 

After I've washed and conditioned, but before I blow dry, I use something called a thermal protectant. The one I use contains Jojoba oil and the manufacturer says that periodic use of this product will improve the health of your hair and scalp. From my results, I believe it. By putting the thermal protectant on my hair while it's still wet, it gets distributed smoothly over all my hair, and protects my hair and makes it more shiny and manageable. It also makes whatever style I've chosen to use that day last longer. It's an important step in making my hair the envy of my friends.
Next, I blow dry.

Flat irons work best on dry hair, although the Amika flat iron will work on damp hair too. Sometimes, if I'm in a hurry, I'll cheat a little and skip the heat treatment and blow drying step. But most of the time I protect my hair by going through the added steps of preparation. It really pays off when I'm finished.

Once my hair has been properly prepped, it a matter of using the flat iron to straighten sections of my hair, and for some areas I like to put in a soft curl. When I first got my Amika flat iron, I thought I would have time to get a nice hot cup of coffee while I waited for it to warm up. Was I ever wrong. It only needs about 10 seconds to warm up. 

Once I'm finished with my hair, the fun part of the day begins. It's off to work and I know what's going to happen there. I work in an office where there is a steady stream of new guys coming through all the time. I just love it when they notice me. 

My friends always want to know how I learned to make my hair do what I want. Plus, they like the idea of not having to pay a professional to do it for them. 
Sometimes, on really humid days before going out with my friends after work, when my hair needs a touch up, I use my Amika flat iron for the car. I keep it my my glove box, and it just a couple of minutes.

I have 4 favorite hair styles, and I use my Amika flat irons for all of them. I love my flat iron. By the way, did I mention that Amika flat irons come in the most amazing selection of colors and styles. And it's not just limited to colors. They have really nice patterns too. It saves me time and my hair has never looked so good. If you want your hair to look its best and have the freedom to create your own hair styles like I do, then get an Amika flat iron and have your freedom to look good anytime too.