Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, and my list of Best Astronomy Android Apps can help anyone become a student of this multifaceted science.  There is also a few useful apps for the full-blown astronomer.  

Astronomy is a field of science where even amateurs can make significant contributions.  Even if you are into the stars just for the cool views and being out under starry night sky, there are things you can do to make astronomy more interesting.

With the coming of smart phones and apps, there are of course those programmers that write apps for astronomers.  In this article, we can take a look at a few, and try to pick a selection of android astronomy apps that will help those at all levels of knowledge.

Android AstronomyCredit: NASASky Map

This open source app is from Google and is installed on millions of phones.  It gives you a star finder right on your phone.  Let it access your GPS or tell it where you are, and then point it at the sky.  It will let you know what you are looking at.  The useful app will also help you find a star you are looking for.  No more wondering where to find Jupiter in the sky with this app. 

SkEye Planetarium | Astronomy

Also used to search the sky, this app can identify the stars and help you to find the ones you are looking for.  A unique feature of this app is the capability to hook it up to a telescope or a pair of binoculars and have it help you to aim the hardware at the space object you are looking for.

Star Odyssey

This Android astronomy app is a guide with information on the 60 brightest stars you will see in the sky.  If you just want to know where they are, you can use Google Sky Maps.  However, if you are interested in knowing how far away they are, or how they came to be name, Star Odyssey if the app for you. 

This app will also interact with SkEye Planetarium | Astronomy, the app right above that is used to search the sky.  It does not interact with Google’s Sky Map, as Sky map does not allow it.

Space Junk Lite

Space Junk Lite tracks stars for you also, but also keeps track of satellites.  Keep track of what is overhead, and keep an eye out for the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station. 

Best Astronomy AppCredit: NASAarXiv Mobile

Make use of this android app to keep up with news in astronomy, or any other science subject.  The astronomy app collects science articles, and can be programmed to let you know when there are ones in the subjects you set it to search for.  If you read a good article and want to share it, you can send it our via email or Twitter, letting others know what you have found and showing you are on top of new developments.

Sunrise/Sunset Finder

Track sunrise, sunset and the phases of the moon.  This is the way astronomy started.  Ancient man wanted to track the sun and the moon, to know when it was safe to go out.  Fell a connection to your ancestors by knowing when the sun goes up and down.  Some of the reviews on this app are spotty, so be prepared when adding it your phone to see if it will work for you.

Moon Phases Lite

Keep track of the moon phases with this android phone app.  You can look up information about the current moon phase, and you can share comments with others through the social bar of the app.

Hubble Space Telescope

Another astronomy image app, but the images come from the Hubble Space Telescope.  View these pictures of space objects taken from space.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Another image app, but this one pulls the NASA picture of the day, which you can see at the NASA website, and displays it on your phone.  You can set it as wallpaper, and get a new spectacular view each day.  Pictures of the past have included pictures of galaxies, stars, the Earth’s aurora, and photos from the history of NASA.

Astronomy Android AppCredit: NASAHD Wallpapers – Astronomical Object

If you want the option of setting your own wallpaper, just HD Wallpapers.  Pick from a variety of choices of astronomy related wallpapers.

Best Trivia Ever

Test your knowledge of astronomy, or any other subject, with this trivia app.  Keep your astronomy knowledge fresh, and find out your weak areas.  Knowing where you are lacking will let you know what areas you might want to study next.


There are many more Android astronomy apps, especially picture apps, which you can use to keep the subject fresh in your mind.  There are apps for the professional, the amateur and the dabbler.  Use these apps and more to increase and hone your astronomical knowledge, or just show off for your kids.  Check out the above apps on my list of Best Android Astronomy Apps, or find others that fit your needs better.