Develop Apps For The Android OS

Looking for Android developer eBooks?  With the popularity of the Android OS programming for the Android is becoming very popular. There are many books available for learning about the Android system but they are all quite expansive.  Now with the Kindle eBook reader you can learn about programming on the Android for a low cost and Android Developer eBooks make this process easy. You can take the EBook with you on your device and you don’t have to carry around a heavy programming book.  Here are a few of the Android developer eBooks you can read on the popular Android software platform.

Android Wireless Application Development by Shane Conder and Lauren Darcey (Kindle Edition)

This Android developer eBook will help you develop Android applications from start to the finished product and then get your app quickly to the market. This book covers everything from sample code to the best practices you need to build, distribute and market your program successfully. This book draws upon the expertise of the author’s expertise in mobile and wireless development. You’ll get information on everything you need the coding, testing packaging of your product and the delivery. In the book you’ll master the latest Android development tools and the Android SDK. You will use the Eclipse Development Environment for Java to develop and debug your new Android application.

The book shows you how to design Android applications that are more efficient, reliable and much easier to use for your end users. The book teaches how to use Android APIs for data, networking, storage, telephony, multimedia, and 3D rendered graphics. You’ll learn how to ensure quality through solid test planning, testing, and comprehensive defect tracking. This book gives you information on how to make more money from your Android applications and it’s a vital resource for anyone interested in developing applications for the OS and bringing them to the marketplace.

The Android Developer's Cookbook: Building Applications with the Android SDK by James Steele and Nelson To (Kindle Edition)

This Android developer ebook will help beginners to the Android development platform and those already developing applications for the OS. You’ll get expert guidance and the code you need to create great applications. The book is up to date with the latest Android SDK and the book is an essential resource for developers building applications for any Android device such as phones of tablets. The book features popular modular recipes and takes you from the basics to advanced location-based services, security techniques, and performance optimization. You will learn how to get your apps developed from scratch, and learn the best solutions for common development problems and how to avoid the common pitfalls. Topics include organizing the user interface layouts and views, providing user alerts, and managing user-initiated events. You learn how to use hardware APIs on Android devices, the recording of video, building faster applications with native code, and providing backup and restore with the Android Backup manager. Create feature-rich applications that are not only fun for the end user but sell and make you money in the process.

Professional Android Application Development (Wrox Programmer to Programmer) by Reto Meier (Kindle Edition)

This Android application ebook is a hands on guide to building mobile applications. It shows you how to build your app through concise and compelling examples. The book is up-to-date with the latest version of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) and it covers all the essential features while exploring the advanced capabilities of the Android OS. You will learn how to construct complex yet useful and innovative mobile applications for Android phones. The book details mobile development and how you can get started with programming. The book looks at Android applications and their life cycle as well as how to use external resources. You’ll learn how to create a complex and compelling interface and how to create layouts and view by using menus. In the book you discover the power of background services, how to use threads, and a detailed look at notifications. This book will help anyone who wants to create Android applications for the mobile phone. It will help both beginners and those with some experience working with Android.

Become and Android Developer for Mobile Phones and other Devices

Choosing a career as ans Android application developer is an amazing opportunity. As mobile phones grow in popularity, there will be even more demand for great application on the Android platform. This is one career that is on the way up and offers computer programmers new opportunities in a very popular market with Android applications.