What are some of the best Android development programming books? With the continued popularity of cell phones and the Android platform that shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon there’s an increasing demand for Android applications or “apps” as we have come to call them. Getting into the Android programming field is a great career for anyone looking for a recession proof job. There are many great Android developer books that can help you learn how to program for this operating system and design great applications for it. This article looks at some of these books that are sure to help you learn how to be become an Android Developer in the near future or just help you with the applications you are currently working on.

Programming Android by Zigurd Mednieks, Laird Dornin, G. Blake Meike, and Masumi Nakamura

If you want to develop well-engineered Android applications this is the book for you. You’ll explore the core building blocks and APIs in this in-depth guide. You’ll learn how to create compelling applications that work on many different Android devices. You’ll use tried and true approaches to app design which include application framework that you can use to start your own projects. You’ll explore sensors, native development, 3D graphics and other topics as you learn how to build applications on various platforms. This book will help intermediate tom advanced programmers get the apps that they want.

In the book you’ll learn how to use the Android SDK with the Eclipse IDE and apply advanced Java concepts. You’ll create an interface that’s easy to navigate for the end user and use fragment API for tablet user interfaces. You will earn how to use the unique Android database design and how to use sensors and gestures to expand your app beyond tapping and scrolling. This is the perfect book for those that want to learn programming with the Android system.

Beginning Android Application Development by Wei Meng Lee

The Android OS is one of the most popular platforms for today’s high in demand mobile devices. With his book you get hands-on instruction to help you learn how to become an Android developer and create great apps for the system. You’ll get real world examples with each lessons in the book that help you learn the concepts being taught in the book. You’ll get an overview of the core Android features, the tools, and everything you need to develop your own Android applications. The book covers the components of a screen and ways to adapt different screen sizes and adjust your display orientation. This book takes you through the essential steps to begin creating your own applications and the bok is geared towards the beginner.

Android Application Development for Dummies by Donn Felker

The Dummies books are always great and this one provides a fun and friendly way to learn Android programming skills. With the Android market skyrocketing in popularity the time is now to get into the action and program your own applications for money.  The open nature of the Android OS means that programmers can access the capabilities of the platform and this guide walks you through the process of creating your own Android applications to sell. You’ll learn how to download the SDK and get Eclipse up and running so you can begin to code Android applications. There are two sample programs in the book that you can work with. The author makes the process easy as he guides you along the way in a slow progress so you don’t get confused. You will also learn how to submit finished applications to the Android marketplace.

Android Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach by Dave Smith and Jeff Friesen

In this book you’ll learn about the Android OS and how to develop applications for this platform. You’ll learn from a step-by-step process from real-world working code examples to help you develop applications of mobile devices using this OS. You’ll learn how to use the Google Android SDK and how to use Eclipse to develop your applications. Other concepts taught are tasks pertaining to the user interface, communications with the cloud, device hardware, data persistence, communications between apps, and interacting with Android itself. Chapter include such topics as getting started, user interface recipes, interacting with the system, working with libraries and more. This book will get you up and running and making applications before you know it.

Many More Android Development Books Available

There are many more books available about Android and how to program with it. As the platform expands there will be even more opportunities for programmers to make the most out of this operating system and design great programs we use every day on our cell phones and other mobile media devices. Android development is only going to rise in the coming years as this OS gains more popularity and new devices are released on the Android platform.