Looking for the best Android Guitar Apps for your phone? There are many great guitar related apps for Android devices with more being released all the time. This list by no means complete but it will give you some handy tools for working with your guitar. You should check the Android marketplace on a periodic basis and see which new applications there are for guitar playing. Guitar applications on your Android phone or tablet make guitar playing easier and more fun.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

With this app you gain access to one of the world’s largest guitar tablature database with over 300,000 pieces of music. You can conduct searches by title, artist, difficulty level, or a keyword. There’s a saving option for quick viewing of your music. You can E-mail tablature to your friends with the program.

GuitarTapp Tabs & Chords

 With his app you can view over 500,000 tablature files of all types on the Internet. You can play chords with the app for reference and create set lists for live performances. The program allows you to rate tablature and share them on social media sites such as Twitter. The program works on tablets and it’s useful for a gigging musician so you don’t have to memorize songs on the fly you can use the app.

Guitar School

Learn some guitar basics with this app that includes diagrams with audio samples. You get an overview on guitar tuning, six basic chords, strum patterns, and four songs for the beginner to the guitar. Go back and work on old material whenever you wish with the program. There’s a section on Pentatonic scales, a must for anyone wanting to learn lead guitar styles. Take guitar lessons with this cool app for guitar beginners.


This app is for the player who wants information on guitars. The app includes bass guitars, acoustic instruments, electric guitars and more. You’ll get tips and news on music. Find information on bands, music schools, sheet music, and songs with the app. Other features include the best guitars online, the best guitar lessons online, guitar chords and other information for guitar players. This app gives you everything about guitars and  in one application.

Guitar Note Trainer AE

Test your guitar note knowledge on your Android device with this app. Identify notes on a simulated 24-fret guitar neck. You can take customized tests on specific strings and regions of the fretboard.  You can test yourself on just one string or all six with this app. This is a great app for learning all the notes on the fretboard of your guitar.


 Get chords and scales on a virtual fretboard include standard and altered tunings. Scales include major, minor, and many others. Chords include major, minor and more than twenty others. Learn how to play chords in altered tunings and take your music playing to the next level with this handy chords and scales app for your Android device.

Guitar Tuner Pro

Guitar Tuner Pro

 Tune your guitar by ear with this Android app. Supports standard, Open E, Open G, open D, open C, and dropped D tunings. This app will help you train your ear to recognize pitches and get your instrument in tune faster. 


This app is great for beginners who want to practice their instrument strumming techniques. There are 256 different patterns for you to practice with this Android guitar app. This app is perfect for developing rhythm skills for those just starting out on the instrument.

Great Android Guitar Apps

You'll find some great Android guitar apps out there and more all the time. The marketplace changes all the time so keep checking for new releases. Enjoy playing your guitar and using all these great Android guitar apps.