Best Android Tablet in 2012: Acer Iconia A510-10s32u

You already know that Acer makes good affordable PCs. When it comes to the world of tablet PCs running on the Android operating system, there are so many options available. The new Acer Iconia A510-10s32u is a nice little appliance that will rival the new iPad. Some will say that it is not possible to compete with the iPad. One of the things that Apple device has going for it is the hype and the loyal fan base. Acer hasn’t reached that stage yet but this new device will definitely make heads turn in the right direction.


This is where the difference between cheap Android tablets and good devices can be seen. The Acer Iconia A510 gives you the Tegra 3 quad core mobile processor at 1.3GHz. This is a nice performance for a small handheld device. You will notice that your appliance will be responsive. It also comes with a 1GB DDR2 RAM. This is a little low but tablets with 2GB of memory will often cost you more. That said, that is enough memory for what the average user will require. There is also the 32GB storage space. Cheaper appliances will give you 8GB or even less. If you require more space, you can extend your capacity by investing in the micro SD memory. That will likely take your capacity to 64GB.

Entertainment and digital photography

If you want a device that will give you up to 5 megapixel rear camera with autofocus, the Acer Iconia A510 will be a pleasure to use. There is also the second front facing camera which comes with 1 megapixel resolution. That is a little low as 2 megapixel or 3 megapixels would have been better.

There is also the fact that the Acer Android tablet PC comes with an HDMI interface which is a great feature. It will allow you to turn your tablet into the center of you home entertainment system. You will be able to connect it to your HDTV or your surround sound receiver. There is also the standard USB port for connecting external devices to your tablet.

Battery life

This is one of the many reasons why many complain about their handheld electronic devices. It can be really annoying when you have to constantly charge your battery because it can’t be bothered to last more than a few hours. With the Acer Iconia A510, you will get between 11 and 13 hours. If you want your tablet battery to last, you need to switch off your Wi-Fi when it is not in use.

There are two basic colors to choose from. You have the black and the silver. Most people will be pleased with the limited color choices. That said, do you really want a pink tablet?

Olympic Games

If you have been paying attention, you will have heard that the biggest sporting event of the year 2012 is the London Olympic Games. That is one of the reasons why the Acer Iconia A510 is a special edition. You can watch all the action only through your Android 4.0 operating system.

With all the features you get from this device, you would have figured out that it will not be cheap. That said, it is not the most expensive Android tablet PC out there. If you have $450 to spare, the new Acer tablet PC can be yours.