The Top 5 Best Anti - Aging Foods and Drinks

Aging is caused by a combination of natural and artificial damage to the body and it's cells. The aging process is unavoidable but you can definitely reduce its effects.

The best way to do this is through a change in diet to include some of the best anti-aging foods and drinks. 


The amazing health benefits of the simple avocado have become a hot topic in recent times. The avocado has been found to contain some of the healthiest fats that a human can consume.

Fats have a bad reputation but the reality is that the healthy ones are needed by the body for maintaining body function. Eating avocados regularly has been proven to lower cholesterol.


Omega 3 is found in a few places and the most common place people get it from is fish. However, fish have the risk of heavy metal contamination.

As such, walnuts are a great alternative. Eating a handful of walnuts each day can get you your Omega 3 needs without the risk of heavy metal contamination.


It is pretty well known that water is absolutely essential to health and to reducing the effects of aging. Despite this, the vast majority of adults are dehydrated most of the time. Constant dehydration is bad for both skin elasticity and organ function.

It is hard to consume too much water but you don't need to go overboard. Simply making sure you drink a glass of water each hour and replace soft drinks with water will get you on the right track.

Green Vegetables

Something you have probably been hearing or thinking most of your life: "you need to eat more greens!" The truth is that you do. A huge decrease in heart disease, cholesterol problems and cancer.

Eating at least five servings of green vegetable each day is one of the best things you can do for your body. The darker green the vegetable is the better it is for you.

Green Tea

Green tea has been consumed for thousands of years by some of the longest-living nations in ancient times. The benefits of this practice are well known; improved digestion, increased water intake, antioxidants and relaxation.

Green tea is better than black tea because it has an increased amount of antioxidants and is less processed than black tea. Antioxidants help reduce the cell damage in the body and help to fight cancers from forming.

Drinking a cup of green tea every day is likely going to increase your lifespan by a few years.

Try it For Yourself

Consuming a combination of the above foods and drinks each day is not only going to dramatically increase the effects of aging on your body but it's also going to dramatically increase your quality of life.

In terms of anti-aging the effects you should notice are lessened wrinkles, more energy, improved mood and increased digestive health. There are also likely to be a ton of other hidden benefits that you will only discover by trying it out.