The list of ingredients that should be included in the best anti wrinkle cream used for the face is controversial even among experts. What criteria should the average consumer use to decide? If you limit your information to what scientists have said on this topic, you will have a better idea of what ingredients will be most effective. Currently, dietary supplements, particularly antioxidants, protein, and omega-3 fatty acids, are being studied by some research groups for their efficacy. Positive results have been observed thus far. The claims that have been made by some natural health experts for years are supported by this research. Well-nourished bodies and healthy skin give people a youthful appearance.

When the health of the skin begins to decline, people look older. The outermost and largest organ the human body has is the skin. So it is the first line of defense against environmental toxins and UV radiation, and is harmed more quickly. Even when people are very young, the aging that occurs throughout their bodies from the underlying molecular damage can become outwardly visible. The visible evidence of aging can be reduced in as little as a few months, according to scientists, if the best wrinkle cream is applied to the face.

An ointment with coenzyme Q10 was applied to the faces of volunteers, and in six weeks, facial wrinkling and roughness were reduced, and hydration improved. A powerful antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10 neutralizes free radicals, which are largely responsible for aging at the cellular level. The compound Functional Keratin was found by researchers to increase the generation of fresh skin cells by as high as 160% in just three days. A reduction in skin cell production typically occurs as the body ages. Volunteers who were older and had the most skin damage obtained better results.

These research findings indicate that the best wrinkle cream to be used facially, should include Coenzyme Q10 and Functional Keratin. Should other compounds be considered? Coenzyme Q10 is sort of a vitamin and Keratin, a protein. They need to be compounded with other ingredients used in lotions before application to the skin. They also must be formulated to penetrate into the underlying layers of the skin, something needing explanation. Many cosmetics manufacturers began to incorporate Functional Keratin and coenzyme Q10 into their formulations after this research was reported; however, they should have redesigned those formulas.

Mineral oils or petroleum jellies are commonly used by manufacturers as the base cream or vehicle for the active ingredients. Neither of the compounds are contained in the Best Anti Wrinkle Cream , as they will work against you.