Whenever you have to rate anything it means something will be on the top while other things are at the bottom. This means feelings will be hurt and certain individuals or people become irritated and annoyed by any decision made. Whether you are looking at doctors, books, employment or even architectural schools expect some irked people. This will not stop DesignIntelligence from sharing their statuses or opinion on the matter for the last 14 years.

DesignIntelligence releases an annual report which dictates the standings for the best schools in this area of study. There are a number of accredited architecture universities which are wonderful here in America. When it comes to which higher institutions of learning are better than others there is a way to judge the finest ones in the country.

Creating the report takes a lot of work.  A survey is given to thousands of students along with deans, school administrators and even successful designers in private practice to gain as much information as possible. All of this material is compiled into a report that identifies the best schools of architecture in the United States.

These are the winners and a little info on each;

Harvard –they have been in the top two positions of the rankings since its inception.

Columbia – in New York and recognized as a top educator for communication as well as architectural design

Yale-although positioned in Connecticut, Yale is more widely known for their law program, but now they will boast about other studies as well     

Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT graduates more engineers than architects, but they still rank very high on this standing and can be proud of the fact

Cornell-another NY school, but just as renowned as the other four on this list

Although only the top five are here, there are others identified for recognition as well. The Universities of California at Berkeley and Southern Institute of Architecture, Virginia, Cincinnati and Washington University in St Louis are all in the top 10. This listing reveals the most celebrated schools are not all in one geographical location. They are all over the nation which is really wonderful.

Along with classifying educational institutions overall, personal recognition was given to several universities. Top learning for branded schools for leadership went to Iowa State, Clemson and two California organizations, Cal Poly and San Louis Obispo. When it comes to the finest campus and buildings you will look to New Mexico and Minnesota for recognition standards.

One of the most positive signs for anyone exploring this field of study is the fact the unemployment rate for the discipline was only a little over 5 percent for last year. This included the engineering profession as well in this number. Which means the area is extremely stable when it comes to working. However, student enrollment is slowing decreasing, down one percent from last year.

A number of persons admit, both students and their parents, they have some apprehensions about the overall investment in a degree. The current skill set needed for success means you not only need a diploma from two colleges, but you are also technology savvy, have management ability, great communication skills and business intelligence. Numerous graduates have taken their ability to the teaching arena instead of private practice which is terrific if you find you miss out on any of these abilities.

One of the nicest things about having learning establishments in different physical areas of the country is that supposedly a more diverse group of students will move their studies in this direction. For instance, this has been a more predominately man’s profession and women are coming into the area more and more over the last decade. Additionally, minorities have also shown more interest and enrollment.

These are the top five schools in the nation for architectural degrees. Even though a number of other colleges which make the top ten or twenty, but are not all shared here. Even if you attend one not listed here do not fret you are not getting a first-rate educational experience and will find exceptional employment opportunities after you gain a degree.

Note-If you are searching for the best undergraduate program in the field, check out Cornell University. This was determined by another survey of sampled students, administrators and teachers.  

this is a video outlining a portfolio for a architectual student