Adjustable Dumbbell Sets

The best arm exercise equipment is the arm exercise equipment that you will actually use. Well, just kidding a little bit there, because as you know many people get home exercise equipment and use it for a month or less and then sell it in a yard sale. Part of the problem is expectations; many people expect arm exercise equipment or any type of exercise equipment to work miracles. When in reality it takes time and consistency for exercise to make a difference in how you look. Another part of the problem is what you eat you can use arm exercise equipment all day long, but if you over eat and are over weight then there will be a layer of fat over the arm muscles and you won't be able to see any results.

Many women complain about their flabby arms and won't even wear sleeveless tops because of it. Men do this as well, but they won't admit it like women do. Men tend to think that they should naturally have muscular arms because they are men. The truth is that men need use arm exercise equipment just as much as women to get nice toned arms. While there are hard labor jobs that help some men and women develop muscle tone in their arms this isn't true for the rest of those who do not. To have nicely toned arms you have to exercise them one way or the other. Home arm exercising equipment makes it easier and more convenient, so that you don't have to go to the gym as often or maybe not at all.

There are also different goals when it comes to arm exercise equipment. Most women simply want to tone their arms and not get big bulky muscles. On the other hand, there are women body builders who do want big bulky muscles. Then there are male body builders who also want huge arms. Both men and women body builders who want to develop larger than normal arm muscles have completely different goals than men and women who just want muscle tone whose goal is to simply look good. This article is more for the normal every day men and women who want to tone their arms and look better. Many people in general don't know what arm exercise equipment is, how to use it or how often to use it. Next, we will look at some simple arm exercise equipment and talk about how often to use it.

Arm Exercise Equipment Options

When it comes to arm exercising equipment we have several options. Our first option is our own bodies. That's right you can tone arm muscles using your own weight, especially tricep muscles, which is the back of the arms. The two best arm exercises you can do for those flabby arms that jiggle are dips and push ups. If you aren't familiar with terminology then check out some youtube videos they will show you how to properly do dips and push ups as well as gives you more ideas.

As we go along with arm exercise equipment options there will be some you will know about and some that you may not be aware of. If you have or haven't heard of adjustable dumbbells, sometimes called powerblock, then you're missing out on some of the best arm exercise equipment available. They make them designed for both men and women in various weight ranges. For example, weight may expand from 5 to 45 pounds, so as you get stronger you can go up in weight. For men the weight may expand from 5 pounds to 130 or even heavier. They hardly take up any room at home and are ready to go any time you choose to use them. Amazon carries various weights in powerblocks, so check them out.

Another type of arm exercise equipment is resistance bands, they are less costly than adjustable dumbbells and can be as effective, especially for those who really just want to tone and not build. For those who want to get considerably stronger or build muscle then powerblock will be more effective. Resistance bands are color coded for low, medium and high as well as more colors for even more resistance. Resistance bands come with different features such as door attachments, clips, ankle straps etc. You can also see exercise videos at youtube on how to properly use resistance bands.

Adjustable dumbbells such as Powerblock and resistance bands are the most common types of arm exercise equipment, however, there are others as you're about to find out. A fairly new type of arm exercise equipment is the Shake Weight Dumbbell you may have seen this one on TV. It doesn't get any easier than this gadget and is becoming more popular day by day. The shake weight dumbbell is a pulsating dumbbell that is high tech using something called dynamic inertia that works the arms as well as the entire upper body. It has pretty good reviews on Amazon, especially the one designed for men. The Shake Weight Dumbbell for men costs $10 more, right at $30, so for women $20. The bottom line is that it works to tighten and tone arms, so why not give it a try.

The next type of arm exercise equipment is the Slendertone Flex Pro Arms Muscle Training System. This is based on electronic muscle stimulation also known as EMS. It too is a pulsating, but not really like the Shake Weight Dumbbell. Instead it is electrical impulses that target nerve endings making them contract and relax and then muscles contract and relax, which exercises them. You don't have to do anything it does it for you. Electronic muscle stimulation is meant to be used in combination with other forms of arm exercise for best results. It is also on Amazon with a 4 star rating and 15 reviews, since it is a form of high tech arm exercising equipment it isn't cheap cost is close to $80.

Now you know4 different types of best arm exercise equipment, 5 if you include your own body weight. For best results combine a couple of them and do it consistently, which is at least 3 days a week. Lastly, be sure to use proper form and if there are directions follow them to the letter.

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