Can diet really affect or even be related to an autoimmune disease such as arthritis? The answer is yes.

When a sufferer of arthritis also suffers from poor nutrition, this been connected to more severe cases.

A natural arthritis diet plays a very important role in for o overall health and well being, stamina, alertness, vitality and immunity. Also, if you have arthritis and you are overweight, this will cause your pain to worsen and even cause more inflammation because your joints are weight bearing.

Your doctor or preferably your natural arthritis advisor and help you to plan and eat a diet that will be benefial to you in every area. Generally this diet is for patients as a balance of complex carbohydrates, natural proteins such as found in seeds and nuts.

There are blood tests that your doctor will perform to find out if you are lacking in vitamins and minerals, basically to see if you are malnourished in any area.

They can also check your Calcium, magnesium and folic acid which are very critical micro nutrients. These should and will be incorporated into the natural arthritis diet, preferably through all natural sources.

Like we discussed earlier, if you need to lose weight, you need to restrict your diet to one of healthy nutritious foods that will be high in the vitamins and minerals you body needs.

You will then naturally start losing the excess weight and find that you are not suffering near as much as you were. You need to still be maintaining a natural and nutritional balance and ensuring they are taking in plenty of fiber-rich foods such as whole grains (whole meal bread and rice etc) and vegetables like leafy greens, carrots, sweet potatoes etc. Stay away from processed foods, white flour, foods high in sugar.

This may seem like a sacrifice for you now, but you will not think so when you are able to get out of the bed without pain, or walk down the stairs without tears.

There are many foods too that you could be allergic to. These foods can actually cause many more problems associated with your arthritis.

By eliminating possible culprits one at a time, you will be able to see what foods affect you in different ways.

With a natural arthritis diet they can gain relief from their condition. The most Common foods that you should avoid that are associated negatively with arthritis are dairy, such as milk, cheese, sour cream, ice cream, buttermilk.

Another one is red meat. Red meat, such as steak, roast beef, and hamburgers is very hard on anyone especially someone who is suffering from arthritis. There are certain vegetables that can affect you as well.

Preservatives or food additives are a big NO. These cause so much damage to your immune system and right now you need to stay away from these products so that you can have as much relief as possible.

Continue to learn and read all you can about Natural Arthritis treatments and programs. You will find much of that information here on our site.

Take this upon yourself, or for the one that you love. Take some control over your own body and what it is doing. You can change the direction things are going right now.

Consult with a someone who specializes in a natural arthritis diet program. You will become informed and receive much needed detailed analysis of your diet and a recommendation for a natural arthritis diet plan for you.

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