Arizona Artificial Grass Companies

Artificial grass has so many usages in our world today. Our kids learn baseball and become state champion on artificial turf that looks real, we patch up our lawns with it to make it look flawless and beautiful, we decorate our exterior and interior, and use it to create ambience.  Artificial grass or artificial turf companies are a much-needed business particularly much of the state is desert. However, artificial grass makes Arizona looks as beautiful and as bountiful as the lush green lands of Missouri or Maine.


Paradise Greens

Paradise green is an artificial grass business, which has been in business for the past six years and is now considered the frontrunner of the artificial grass suppliers not only in Arizona, but in the entire southwest region of the United States. Headquartered in Arizona, Paradise Grass offers a host of services in the fake grass niche.

According to the Paradise Greens website, you can recoup your investment in about 3 to 5 years.  Choose from an assortment in their 6000 square foot showroom in Arizona.  This showroom is one of the biggest artificial turf and plant showrooms in the United States. The company offers a warranty against fading and staining for any type of usage. Be it an area where pets run and play, lawn that receives heavy traffic, a play area, or a larger scale soccer field. Whatever your need, there is something for everyone.

Paradise Greens also provides artificial plants  for interior and exterior decoration. The artificial grass provided by Paradise Greens also helps you conserve water usage, cutting your water usage by at least 70 percent.  There is also no need for constant mowing since the artificial turf remains beautifully trimmed at all times.  Paradise greens products meet the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) protocol.

That is not all. With the high quality products and the professional service, Paradise Green remains a leader in this very specific niche. The highly effective and skillful employees of the organization will help you whenever you have a problem with any of their products. The system appears to be great and the testimonials are encouraging. As an extra-added bonus, they even offer a $ 100 gift voucher to every referral program.

Paradise Greens Contact Info

8281 East Gelding Drive
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
Phone: 480.586.0655
Fax: 480.596.2929


Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens

With experience of almost 30 years Arizona Luxury lawns and Greens can give all other competitors in this artificial turf niche group a run for their money.  According to the company, Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens  (ALLG) is the chosen contractor for almost all major projects in the regions. They offer great quality artificial grass products with an average lifespan of the grasses about 20 years and an extended warranty for an additional 10 years. They are the only company to provide the pet friendly turfs-which is an asset especially being in their region. The materials used are environmentally friendly, truly recyclable, and have low allergen levels. The overall customer satisfaction appears to be great as they offer 100 % lead free made in USA product.

Like most artificial grasses, this company's products also help conserve water. The water conservation is up to 70 % as the average house spends nearly 70 % water to water the lawn.  The grass materials are practically maintenance free, anti weed, no poisonous anti insect spray, and no fertilizer. The one time investment will pay for itself in a matter of a few years.

Arizona Luxury Lawns and Greens offers five types of grass:

  1. Rye Line : offers natural Look
  2. Select Line : Fit for desert climate
  3. Top Dog : Offer a freshly mowed look
  4. Signature : A mixture of Field Green and Spring Green texture
  5.  A to Z: Ideal for the athletic field, football ground etc.

Based in Arizona, Arizona Luxury Lawn and Grass offers great services, options, and products to its inhabitants. 

Arizona Luxury Lawn and Grass Contact Info

8355 E. Butherus Dr. Suite #1
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Phone: 480-991-0196
Fax: 480-991-1004


Synthetic Turf Company

With a good 20 years experience in the business, Synthetic Turf Company of Arizona offers great services in the field of artificial grass implantation. The flagship brand that they have is a trademarked one, called "New Grass". Though the product is made for very specific purposes, and does not offer much variety, it is good enough to use in many applications.  Whether you want a general domestic lawn, Astroturf for a playground or track field, their patented "New Grass" product makes a great option. Over 3000 satisfied customer for the "New Grass" artificial grass product can verify the quality and effectiveness.  Both their field staff and customer service staff are always there to help you whenever you need it.

Each customer has his own requirement, so the company goes above and beyond to try and address the needs of each of their customers to bring satisfaction. The company understands that each customer has to have specialized and individual attention.  They have not forgotten the basics of good customer service. 

 Based at Scottsdale, Arizona Synthetic Turf Company is here to stay and go out of their way to satisfy their customers.

Synthetic Turf Company Contact Info

Synthetic Turf Company
Phone: 480.922.3638


Arizona Artificial Grass

Arizona Artificial Grass Company perhaps has one of the highest artificial grass implementation record in Arizona.  Areas where they do business includes Scottsdale, Phoenix, Tempe and more. Arizona Artificial Grass Company also holds its standards high, providing only quality products to its customers. Some of their features include artificial grass products with no lead, 100 % recyclable, environmentally friendly, pet friendly, and allergy free products. There are different categories including Golf green, for golfers, Phoenix Artificial Grass, Indoor putting grass and much more.  Their selection is virtually unmatched by other companies.  The basic raw material used is derived from Envylawn, a quality product that lasts a very long time.  The Arizona Artificial Grass Company also offers great customer services and experienced employees in both field installation and customer relations. 

 Arizona Artificial Grass Contact Information

2245 E. Lone Cactus, Phoenix, AZ 85024


 All these artificial grass companies in Arizona are great choices, you ultimate decision will be based on price and your specific artificial grass requirements.  You should be able to find exactly what you are looking for from one of the Arizona artificial grass companies on this list.