Authentic Soccer Jerseys on Sale - Better than Replica Sports Apparel

One of the best ways to show support for your favorite club is wear authentic soccer jerseys. Authentic soccer jerseys are different than replica jerseys because they are nearly identical to what players where on the field. Replica jerseys are awesome yes, but they are not made like authentic soccer jerseys are. If you want to make a large statement that shows your true commitment as a fan, you will be an authentic soccer jersey.

Where Can You Buy Authentic Soccer Jerseys?

If you want a memento from a soccer game the best place to buy an authentic jersey is going to be right at the stadium. The trade off is however; you will be paying a lot more money for the jersey. The fact that the vendor has to pay a large fee to be there means he will charge more for the merchandise. Lucky for him however, there are emotional fans that are willing to pay those prices.

If you want to pay a reasonable price for your authentic soccer jersey, you can find good prices online. has authentic jerseys for all the major clubs worldwide. They are all reasonably priced. You should be able to find your favorite player or club there with out any issue.

How Much Are Authentic Soccer Jerseys?

The price of the jersey ultimately depends on the team and player you choose. On top of where you buy it. Jerseys at are in the $135 range. The price of an authentic jersey is one of the reasons why it is such a statement of your dedication to the team. Replica jerseys are usually around $75 per. The difference comes from the quality of jersey it is. It is essentially exactly what the players where out on the field.

What Makes It An Authentic Soccer Jersey

The way an authentic soccer jersey is put together is what ultimately makes it better. An authentic jersey has the lettering and numbers stitched on. The material is the same material used in the real player's jerseys. A replica jersey usually has ironed on lettering. If you want a jersey that screams fan hood you should go with the authentic soccer jersey.

The authentic jersey will likely last longer too. Replica jerseys will peel and crack over time. Running the replica jersey through the washer and dryer is hard on the lettering. Even with limited washing, a replica jersey will simply wear out. An authentic jersey on the other hand won't. The lettering will be sewn on with no way of cracking. The only thing that might happen is the stitching comes out. This is a simple fix however. You just need to sew it back on. A replica jersey does not give you the same option.

An authentic jersey will cost you more but it is much more likely to last you longer. If you are on the market for a new piece of fan supporting gear you should look into buying an authentic jersey. They will last you longer and you will be the number one fan if you spring for the authentic soccer jersey for your favorite team.