Today we'll be discussing the benefits of automated litter boxes. Cleaning the litter box is not only an unpleasant experience but also unhealthy. The litter box may contain harmful parasites called, Toxoplasmosis cysts. These cysts typically cause flu-like symptoms in the normal healthy adult, however when pregnant women come into contact with the parasite, illness and fetal death may occur.

Cat litter may also increase the risk of asthma attacks in humans and felines. The dust drawn up when scooping litter goes into the air in tiny particles causing allergic reaction and restricted airways.  Symptoms may include coughing, distress and difficulty breathing in both humans and cats. Cats are clean creatures and tend to relieve themselves in clean places. When a litter box is not cleaned often, cats will find other places to urinate and defecate. 

To reduce the risk of contracting Toxoplasmosis, asthma attacks and maintaining a healthy environment for my cat, I turned to automatic litter boxes. Our cat was very particular about her litter box and wanted it cleaned at least twice a day or she would relieve herself outside of the box. The automatic litter box we finally settled on completely solved this problem and our household is one again at peace. [1][2]

Litter Robot II

The Litter Robot II is by far my personal favorite. This is the appliance I use for my cat and have never found anything like it. I coin the term appliance, because that is exactly what it is. This machine has a circuit board, motor and sturdy casing. The Litter Robot II is one of three options available. There is also another option with a window for cats to see outside of the box and the open-air version with a larger opening. However, the Litter Robot II is my choice and has worked great for my cat, Lucy. 

The litter box works with a timer to remove solid matter after the cat has exited the box. The timer is activated when the cat jumps into the box using the step in front which also doubles as the handle for removing the drawer of litter clumps. The timer waits 7 minutes before the globe on top begins to rotate. Once the rotation begins, the litter is sifted through a grate and solid matter is left being emptied into a drawer below the box. The drawer is lined with either the company's provided liners or you can use a trash bag. We use the scented trash bags for small trash cans. They work great. The drawer also has a carbon filter and will eliminate smells. Our litter box has no smell at all. I never thought I would be able to say that. I would also recommend purchasing the "fence" guard to keep any litter from escaping the entrance when your cat covers their stool. 

Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box, Black
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(price as of Apr 14, 2016)
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Simple instructions and assembly
Cleans automatically
Replaceable parts
Reliable Cleaning


Expensive $309-$399

Depending on the number of cats, size and amount of fecal matter; the drawer should be emptied between once and twice per week give or take. We empty our's once per week on trash day for our 6lb, Sphynx Cat. 

The price can be off-putting (+$300), but consider this an investment that will last many years and bring health and convenience to your household. It is worth every penny. You can get this in a refurbished model, which I did, or brand new.  

Scoop Free Ultra Self-cleaning Litter Box

Several years ago, I purchased my first automatic litter box, the Scoop Free Ultra. The litter box's mechanism of action is different from the Litter Robot. It works by moving a rake across the litter, collecting solids, and pushing them into a compartment at the front of the box.

The Scoop Free requires the use of cartridges which include the litter tray and crystal litter. You can purchase them online or at a retail site that carries the litter box. You can purchase the litter box with or without the hood. The cartridge should be changed every few days depending on the size and number of cats using the box. 

ScoopFree Self Cleaning Litter Box
Amazon Price: $149.99 $115.46 Buy Now
(price as of Apr 14, 2016)


Easy to assemble 
Quiet motor
Small size


Rake may become clogged or dirty
Not good for large cats 
Requires Cartridges
Smaller motor
May become stalled if not cleaned properly

I recommend the Scoop Free for those looking for an inexpensive, and smaller automated litter box for a single and smaller cat. The larger the cat, the more powerful the motor on a rake style litter box needs to be. This is because the weight of the stool is greater and it is more difficult for it to be pushed into the compartment at the front. 

Toilet Training

Although I have not used this method for my cat, I have seen success with the toilet training systems offered. There are several on the market and I have reviewed different methods. The most common method is to gradually introduce the cat to the toilet using templates that fit under the toilet seat. Over the training period, the templates become larger leaving a bigger hole for the cats to sit over. Some cats take longer than others to train, however, many have used this system to successfully train their cats.

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