The State of Our World

Our mother Earth is in a desperate state at the moment. The human race has been pumping smoke into the air and waste into the sea for hundreds of years. We have finally started to see the consequences of our actions and working harder than ever to rectify them. Though it is a little late, there are many steps that we can all take to help out the planet. Big or small, every little bit helps the planet more than you know. Whether it is just cutting down on your shower time or turning off the lights when you leave a room, the Earth will thank you for it. If we all act now, there might still be some hope left for this old rock yet. We can only hope that we are not too late.


BP Solar

If there is one company that is greener than all of the rest, BP Solar is it. With the best solar panels around, it's no wonder that BP Solar has such a wide reputation. Think of all the times you use energy in one day. Now, imagine if you could cut back the harmful effects of each of those energy uses exponentially! This is what BP Solar helps you do with their solar panels. Not only are they helping our planet see another day, but they are also extremely efficient and stylish on your house. Though the price may seem hefty, BP's solar panels will pay for themselves soon after installation helping you save more in these hard times.


Keeping Up With the Three R's

With so much atrocity plaguing our world, it is easy to get overwhelmed. However, there are a few simple things one can do, outside of purchasing solar panels, that can help our mother Earth see a greener tomorrow. The first of these is to reduce your consumption. Don't take such long showers and turn the TV off before you go to sleep. Reusing old things can also help eliminate waste. Finally you should always take your recyclable trash in every week. This will not only generate money, but reuse your trash and make it into new products. By utilizing the three r's; reduce, reuse, and recycle, everyone can have a part in saving their planet.