Babies are in a weird spot when it comes to the right Christmas gifts. They are too young to understand that Christmas is coming, and that they are about to get a whole bunch of presents (they’re babies, after all, everyday is full of presents as far as they’re concerned) and yet they are almost hard-wired to love presents.

They crave new toys, new experiences, new ways to learn. If you have a young child and are wondering what some of the best baby Christmas toys are you should keep reading. This article will highlight a few of the products available on the market this season that will provide your children with stimulating learning experiences and giggle-inducing enjoyment.

Sassy Look Book Photo Album. This is one of the best baby Christmas toys on the market. It consists mostly of sleeves that hold photos, like any photo album would. The main differences with this toy are that it is made to be safe for babies, meaning the materials and the shapes (no sharp edges) are such that if a baby were to put it in her mouth (which they always do) it would not do any damage.

The other aspect that makes it great for babies is the color scheme. The bright, vivid coloration is made to attract the eye of a young child. It will naturally hold their interest, creating the proper social space for the two if you to sit together and enjoy some quality time together. Baby Christmas Toys

Cloud B Gentle Giraffe Sound Machine. Babies of all cultures love music, which to them is basically just fun sounds. This next toy produces enough cool sounds to keep any baby entranced. There are different audio tracks, each designed to evoke a certain atmosphere.

For example, one of them will conjure up a trip to an exotic land of safaris and native tribal drumming. Your child will, of course, have no idea what these sounds are supposed to represent. The important thing is that the sounds will be unique.

They will be different from what your child is likely to hear during the normal course of her day, and this fact will be enough to stimulate her mind and encourage growth and development.

Graco Swing. Our last item is actually, by comparison, fairly sedentary. That’s because it’s a swing. And not just any swing. It has plush seating that would make a luxury carmaker jealous. In addition to that it has varying speeds and corresponding music, so that your child can enjoy a confluence of rhythm and motion that will soothe their heart and stimulate their minds.

This is a great gift for parents, too. Because it is hands-free it allows the monitoring adult to do other things such as read books or eat a sandwich, while their baby relaxes. These items make up some of the best baby Christmas toys that are on the market today. They are all designed to bring the best out of young children.