Picture this. You bring home a brand new baby and place him or her in a carefully chosen crib. This crib might be a family heirloom, or it might be one that you plan on using for multiple children or converting into a daybed. At first you think all is well then you come into the room one morning to find your baby chewing at the crib rails!

Obviously, there are plenty of reasons that you don’t want a baby chewing at crib rails. Nobody needs to eat wood and paint, and these splinters can cause cuts in your baby’s mouth. Besides this, many people who plan on using their cribs for many years or multiple children want to keep them looking as nice as possible.

Fortunately, the solution to this is to purchase or make baby rail covers to cover up the rails of your crib and protect your baby. These covers go over the railing of the crib and can keep baby from being able to chew on the crib rails. In addition, they can also entertain and amuse your baby once he or she can pull to standing and see over the sides of the crib.

The main reason that most people purchase baby rail covers is to keep their babies from chewing on the crib rails.

Chewing on crib rails is not only unsanitary, it could be dangerous. The wood and paint that baby chews off of the crib could cause longer-term harm.

For many people baby rail covers are solely to keep their baby from chewing at the crib rails. However, a soft and interesting rail cover can also motivate your baby to pull up to standing.

If you have a baby who just does not seem interested in standing up then a high quality crib rail cover could help to move him along.

Today, many baby rail covers are both functional and playful. There are many baby rail covers out there where toys can be attached to specially designed loops. This allows baby to play while he is standing up in the crib.

A baby rail cover that features your baby’s favorite toys can be an excellent addition to your crib. Once your baby can stand up and play with the toys it will keep him happy longer than just standing up with nothing to do. The interesting toys may earn you a few minutes of extra sleep in the morning!

If you do not want to purchase baby rail covers, you do have other options. Many people have successfully made their own crib rail covers using scrap material and a few pieces of Velcro. A quick search online should give you some ideas how you or a crafty friend could accomplish this quickly and easily.

Lastly, baby rail covers help to keep your crib looking nice. Let’s face it. Cribs with teeth marks are not attractive, especially if you are planning to keep using it for many years. Most crib rail covers now are attractive in their own right and will keep your crib looking like new for years to come.