Nothing is cuter during the holiday's than seeing a baby dressed for the special occasion of holidays or parties. However, babies have very sensitive skin and systems so caution must be taken to ensure they have adequate protection yet are not exposed to substances which may be harmful.

Baby halloween costumes 3-6 months old are specially designed with their needs in mind while ensuring the parents have pictures of that first time they will enjoy for a lifetime. Plus, since your baby is still small there are a lot of different themes for costumes that are unique to their size.

Trends for the youngest participants this year reflect some of parental favorites while ensuring a warm costume that will keep them comfortable throughout the evening's festivities. One of that has been preferred for some time are the animal costumes which this year are taking wildlife to a whole new level.

Lions, bears, monkeys, skunks, and even penguins and lobsters can be found everywhere becoming even more popular than puppies and kittens this year.

Another trend is in a wider array of colors. Puppies are no longer black or white with many electing to opt for a pink poodle or purple kitten. Additionally, flowers are being made not only in more colors, but in more designs as well.

The daisy was only the beginning a few years ago, but today one can dress their little one as a strawberry or even a watermelon. Imagine the fun of dressing twins, triples, or quads in various flowers that create a whole bouquet.

For those who really want to step outside the box there are more of the exotic options than ever. Dressing a little one as a monster, Elvis, one of many bugs, or even food is no longer a problem.

In the latter group a bag of bread, a piece of candy, hot dog, or even ice cream cone can be great surprise as well as laughter from those viewing the little one. Of course the traditional hero, princess, and dragon costumes are still available, but some of the more over-the-top options are bringing great delight to many new parents.

Of course, for those on a tight budget it may be difficult to take advantage of the options that are available this year, but that doesn't mean that they can't be dressed for the occasion.

There are many ways to make homemade costumes that fit the bill but, it's important to remember that warmth and comfort should be of primary consideration. Additionally, parents must remember that makeup can make little ones breakout easily so it's important not to depend on that to transform a little one into something special.

Today there are many options for baby halloween costumes 3-6 months old and it will produce memories of that first time that will last a lifetime. Even for those on a budget many alternatives are available if one remembers the basics. The object is to have fun with your little one while ensuring their safety.