When it comes to baby gear, many people feel that a baby exersaucer is something that they cannot live without. Once babies are old enough to not want to be held all the time but still too small to be independently mobile, they are the perfect age for a baby saucer.

If you are trying to find the best baby saucers available, this is the article that will answer all of your questions and help you to make the best choice for your baby.

The EvenFlo Exersaucer Smart Steps ABC is one of the best baby saucers around. At $99 it isn’t cheap, but there is a lot of versatility here. This baby saucer will provide your little one with a learning experience while he is playing and entertaining himself.

The EvenFlo Exersaucer Smart Steps ABC offers many different options that will keep your baby happy. It even offers interchangeable toys that allow you to attach your baby’s favorite toys to the saucer or change out the toys to keep things new and interesting.

The Evenflo Exersaucer is safe, and best of all it is portable! You can collapse the entire thing and carry it to a different location altogether!

If you are looking for something a bit more flexible than a stationary exersaucer, then you should definitely consider the EvenFlo In the Garden Exersaucer.

Like the ABC Exersaucer this one is also $99. However, it is set up to allow your baby to safely walk around the exersaucer to explore the different toys.

The “secure mobility” that this exersaucer offers definitely puts it in the category of best baby saucers and makes it an excellent choice for families that have the space available.

The EvenFlo In the Garden Exersaucer has three different height adjustments to fit the needs of a growing baby. It also has a “family tree” that allows you to insert pictures of your baby’s family for him to look at while he is playing and exploring.

For fans of Baby Einstein, the Baby Einstein Around the World Discovery Center will help you to reinforce Baby Einstein themes during all of your baby’s playtime. The Baby Einstein

Around the World Discovery Center features music from the new Baby Einstein World Music DVD, and enables your baby to explore animals and sounds from around the world. The Baby Einstein Around the World Discovery Center is a bit more affordable than the EvenFlo versions at only $59.

If your infant loves Baby Einstein, then this exersaucer would definitely qualify as one of the best baby saucers out there. It features a piano and flip book that allow your baby to see real life pictures, as well as a mirror, animal sounds, and a color learning feature that showcases three different languages.

It also offers a soft lion puppet, a toy giraffe, a panda teeter totter, and a penguin popper to help keep your baby happy and engaged.

Overall, if you’ve decided that an infant exersaucer is something that you want to invest in, there are several high quality options available. These toys are sure to keep your baby happy and engaged while leaving your hands free to do other things.