Wouldn't it be nice to make a personalized and unique cake for special events? How about a cake that is more for decoration than for eating? Baby shower diaper cakes are definitely going to be amusing and at the same time highly inspiring for any expectant mother on the face of the Earth. Plus, they always make great keepsakes for the mother-to-be.

Making this type of cake is actually also an exciting effort for anyone who wants to make the whole event fun for someone who is about to go through physical pain. After all, everyone always say that having a baby is one of the best experiences a woman can go through.

The most common diaper cakes come in three tiers. To start off, all the necessary supplies have to be gathered around for a faster and more convenient cake creation process.

The list of materials needed include 30 clean disposable or white cloth diapers for the third tier, about 20 of them for the second tier and around 10 for the third tier. In addition, thick and colorful ribbons, rubber bands, pacifiers and baby socks should also be prepared.

All of the materials, with the exception of the diapers, serve the purpose of keeping the cake together and to decorate the end product. Additional items include a baby bottle and a teddy bear. The core of a perfect baby shower diaper cake lies on properly twisting the diapers in order to keep them together and to achieve a completely neat output.

Basically, the diaper is unfolded, twisted tightly along its length and secured with rubber bands. These are most preferred above other options such as safety pins and different kinds of tapes since the latter actually makes it harder to undo the twisted diapers after the party.

When all the diapers have been twisted and readied, about 30 of them are then arranged in a circular formation to serve as the third tier. Placing a baby quilt in the center can help level it out. The diapers are then secured together with the help of the ribbon.

A smaller circle of 20 diapers is made and placed above the third tier. The same thing is done for the remaining 10 diapers, which makes an even smaller circle. On the center of the top tier, the teddy bear is placed.

The other fun baby paraphernalia can be creatively hidden in the lower tiers for an added exciting surprise to the celebrant. The whole output can be made more personalized by adding specific touches such as a pink color if the baby is going to be a girl.

It can also have a theme that signifies something important for the mother such as a memory of certain experiences. Giving birth is quite a task as much as it is an experience of a lifetime for the female population.

Fun and easy to make, Baby shower diaper cakes are perfect to symbolize a friend or family member's support during such a physically difficult time.