When planning a bachelor party for your groom to be friend, be sure to atleast consider this list of the best bachelor party destinations in the world.  A bachelor party does not have to be the most extravagant party ever created, but it should at least be memorable, fun, exciting and awesome.  So how do you guarantee that you actually are the “best man?”  You choose one of the best bachelor party destinations in the world and you plan accordingly.  So I’m sure you’re chomping at the bit to see which places made the list of best bachelor party destinations.  Ok, well let’s get to it then.


#1 Best Bachelor Party Destination:  Las Vegas, NV


Las Vegas is the easy choice.  It is the party capital of America, and the US is the party capital of the world, so how does it get any better?  It doesn’t.  Sorry we jumped right to the top of the list here, but we couldn’t help ourselves.  If you are really searching for the best bachelor party destination in the world, you don’t have to look outside our borders to find it.  A quick flight and you will be partying night and day before you know it.  So what makes Vegas soooo cool?  Well, it has women, gambling, drinking, clubs, women, partying.  Am I missing anything?  Oh yeah, and great pawn shops.  On top of all that add top notch restaurants and casinos to the list and you have the yourself one of the best bachelor party destinations in the world.  Just make sure you bring a camera.


#2 Best Bachelor Party Destination: Montreal, Canada


I know what you’re thinking, Canada?  Yes, Canada.  Montreal has been a hot spot for bachelor parties for years.  They are known for their spectacular gentlemen’s clubs and isn’t that what most men are looking for in a great bachelor party locale?  There are plenty of restaurants and bars to go around, so don’t feel like strip clubs are the only thing Montreal has to offer.  Crescent Street is the night life hotspot, which helps to make Montreal one of the best bachelor party destinations in the world.


#3 Best Bachelor Party Destination: New York, NY

New York

That’s right, the Big Apple.  If you want variety in your bachelor party destination, then New York’s the place to be.  Not only is it one of the biggest cities in the world, but it is full of bars, nightclubs, gentlemen’s clubs and women.  So, why not check out the big city for your bachelor party plans?  There are more bars than you could even imagine, but bring the big credit card for this trip, New York is as expensive as it is massive.  It is one of the best bachelor party destinations, specifically if you live on the East Coast.


#4 Best Bachelor Party Destination: Atlantic City, NJ

If you are an East Coaster and don’t feel like driving to Montreal or trekking to New York City, consider taking a ride to Atlantic City, NJ.  Atlantic City is a little bit like Las Vegas’ little brother.  It has casinos, gentlemen’s clubs, bars and restaurants that are top notch.  However, if you have been to Las Vegas, you will be underwhelmed with the glam and glitz that Atlantic City offers.  It does however provide a bunch of variety for the money, and if you want to stay close to the coast, then this is the best bachelor party destination for you.