Best Back to School Deals for Teachers - Apple Bargains and Best Laptops

Going back to school is not only about the end of vacation. It is also a time for parents and students to start spending on books, computers and other needed accessories. It can be a little confusing when you see all the back to school bargains available but you don't know where to start. The truth is, the best bargain is always when you don't spend your money buying things you don't need. Your situation will likely dictate how you spend your cash. The list below should help you orient your purchase.

Back to School Discount for Teachers

Most people will appreciate getting up to 15% discount on any product they want to buy. FedEx office has a program called the National Educator Discount. This program means you have to start early. You will need to visit the website of FedEx office and apply for their discount card. You should normally receive yours by mail within 10 days. With your card in hand, you will be able to buy all the accessories you need online or by going to the local store. The advantage of this initiative is that you are not limited by the amount of purchase you can make at any given period.

Office Depot and OfficeMax have similar initiatives for educators or teachers. Some will only offer discount on certain products whilst others will give you a discount on your total purchase. Staples will make you pay $10 for your discount card. This can appear to be counter-intuitive but if you are planning to spend hundreds of dollars on your back to school supplies, it might actually be worth the investment as you will get up to 15% discount.

Back to School Deals with Apple 2012

This will be a good bargain for those who are really into everything that Apple has to offer. You need to bear in mind that Apple computers are not the cheapest out there. That said, if you want a slick laptop for going back to school, you might want to take advantage of the offer from the fruit company. Some of the deals from Apple will require you to buy a Mac laptop which can be easily price at $1000. You will then be entitled to a Back to School Gift card of $100. According to apple, you can use the gift card to purchase apps, music, books and other really important things you need for school.

If you don't want an Apple Mac laptop for school, you can also invest in an Apple iPad. This purchase will give you a $50 gift card. There are requirements that must be met in order to qualify for these discount.

If you still want to buy something from Apple but can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars, there is the option to buy Backpacks. The list on offer from Apple is rather colorful. The Backpacks can often be purchased for under $100. If you are a Mac user, there are software like the Microsoft Office for Mac Home and Student edition that is available for purchase for only $130.

Laptops as Back to School Deals

It is almost impossible to go through your academic learning without some form of connection to the internet. If you are planning on going back to school, you don't have to buy a new computer. You also don't have to purchase a top of the range laptop. Most modern computer laptop for under $500 will work for most students. In exceptional occasions, you might need high performance because you are studying engineering and you need to use processor intensive simulators. If that is the case, you will be better off buying a desktop that will give you better performance for the price of an average laptop.

You need to look for the following things when choosing a back to school laptop.

A 13 to 14  inches laptop will be easy to carry around and not give you back pain
You need to pay attention to the amount of RAM you can get. The minimum should be 4 GB or RAM (that will last a few years)
Processor speed is important. Don't get carried away by the brand.AMD or Intel are just a good as long as you get enough speed.
SSD is nice but it is not essential for a student laptop. It is faster but it also comes at an expensive price.
If you can get a student combo with hardware and useful software like Microsoft Office for student, you are good to go
There is nothing like the best laptop computer brands. If you choose Acer because of the price, or Dell because of the brand name, you will be fine.

How Much to Spend?

The average family will likely spend over $500 on back to school products. The problem is, most will likely buy things they do not really need. That is also part of the what retailers want. There are some retailers offering discounts of over 50%. These might appear to be great deals but you will likely not get those offers on things you really need.

When retailers are trying to get rid of last years stock, they will offer enticement so that consumers will spend a little more. If you see a lunch box going for a third of the usual price, you will  be tempted to buy it. That is not because you need it (you already have one). The fact that it is cheap will be the deciding factor.

The best back to school deals are those that you really need and you can get at a reasonable price. If you want a laptop for example, you will not get the best offer at the moment because most retailers will hold off till November and December. That is when the best computer deals are made. Nevertheless, getting an $100 gift card from Apple or even a 15% discount from Office Depot is not to be scorned at.