Kindergarten School Supply List

School Supplies List for Kindergarten Kids

Buying back to school supplies for your kindergarten child is a big deal. For many, it is their first year in school, and if they did go to pre-school they were still pretty young. Getting school supplies for kindergarten is possibly one of the first actual school memories that children remember. For some, going off to kindergarten will be great, but for others there will be some attachment woes. Either way, having them prepared by getting the best back to school supplies for kindergarten will make it easier.

Back to School List From the School

The kindergarten has probably given or mailed you a list of things that you kids should be able to do before they enter kindergarten. Some of these are tying their own shoes and being potty trained. On the list that includes what they should be able to do before coming to school is also an idea of the school supplies they need for the kindergarten class.

The following list of school supplies for kindergarten will vary according to school. However, it is a generalized kindergarten school supply list, so you should be able to reference your letter from their kindergarten (if they sent one) and this list, and then the kids will have enough school supplies for kindergarten.

Kindergarten School Supply List

Notebook(s)/Composition notebooks


Book bag/Back pack/School Messenger Bags for Kids

New shoes

New clothes outfits. Shop Old Navy discounts for affordable kid's clothes.

Elmer's glue/Glue sticks

Pencils/Colored pencils

Kid sizes scissors

Watercolor Paints

School box for holding pencils and other items.

Folders, like Peechees


Change of clothes in a ziploc bag

School Supplies for Kindergarten KidsKindergarten School Supplies List

Although this list is not exhaustive for buying school supplies for kindergarten, it is a pretty basic school supplies list for beginners going to school. If you are unsure about one of these supplies then call the school to double check with them. Sometimes, the schools are not opened yet, so you might look up the name of your child's kindergarten and see if they have a back to school supplies list for kindergartners. If you are deciding between a backpack or messenger bag make sure to pack their bag right so it is not too heavy and hurting.

Getting Cheap and Affordable Kindergarten School Supplies

If you are having a hard time affording to go shopping for the kindergarten school supplies for your kids this year then the following might help. Go to the thrift store or a second hand store to get cheap and affordable kindergarten school supplies. If you want cheap back to school supplies for kindergarten or any grade one of the best places to shop is at a thrift store. Even if you do not want to buy second hand clothing for them, you can go into the stores to get the most affordable back to school supplies for kindergarten. Thrift stores almost always have an overabundance of office supplies, so this means you do not need to go broke or indulge your credit cards to be able to get back to school supplies for kindergarten or any other grade. You may be able to buy a year's worth of pencils, pens, and other items for $1.99, if you are lucky. Look for the bags that have a lot of different stuff in them. For example, at the thrift store, I bought a bigger than ziploc bag that had probably 100 pens and pencils, highlighters, as well as a small stapler, and scissors. This would have been plenty if it was back to school shopping for kindergarten supplies.

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