Best Backlinking Strategy: Why You Should Be Careful

Backlinking is not dead because it is still one of the many ways in which Google ranks a site or a page. That said, should you write less and spend more time backlinking or should you write more and backlink a little. Everyone has his own strategy about what should be done with backlinking and the best strategy to adopt. There have been a lot of people using automated software or website to backlink and they have been very successful. Others have had mixed results. Some lose their page views after another Google update.

Content versus backlinking

Some have said that they best way to backlinking is to write great content and let others link naturally to your site. That sounds good but it doesn’t work for someone who is starting out. No matter how great you write, it doesn’t mean others will link to you. You shouldn’t flatter yourself, you are not that good. If you don’t want to spend too much time creating accounts and backlinking everything your write, you can adopt another approach. The most important thing is getting as much content as you can. There is a bit of luck associated with getting to page one. That said, you shouldn’t sacrifice content in favor of creating backlinks. That is because you can still do well without external links albeit a little more difficult.

Another Approach: Let Google find and help you

The idea behind this backlinking strategy is that you write an article and wait for Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo to find you. That might take a few weeks. You then need to check the articles that are properly ranked maybe on page 4 and 5. These are the articles that you will need to give a helping hand in order to progress towards the first page. Doing things this way means you only have to backlinking articles that have potential to rank well. This will save you time and a lot of frustration. Another advantage to this approach is that it allows you to see where you are going and not just throw backlinks all over the place.

Be careful with automation

Backlinking is so tedious that many will not even bother with it if they could rank without it. The problem with automated backlinking is that you don’t control what happens and you will often have duplicate anchor text when submitting to hundreds of sites. You don’t know if these sites are considered spam sites and what effect your association with them can have on your ranking. At times, you can actually lose your page ranking by sending too many backlink to your site. The best advice is not to buy backlinking services if you don’t know where your links will be posted. The simple reason is because it can backfire. The fact that is works for some doesn’t mean it will work for you. It times you might feel frustrated that you will be willing to give automation a try. You can try and see where it will take you. Just remember that backlinking is not free.

You might have heard about people saying that you should drip feed your links. This is not fail proof strategy. It has been known to work for some and have no effect for others.

How many backlink do you need to get on page one

Only Google knows the answer to this. There are a lot of factors that needs to be taking into consideration. If you have good on page SEO skills and your keywords don’t have a lot of competition, you can easily get yourself on page one of Google without any backlinking. That said, you can combine the method mentioned above with about 20 good backlinks and that  can still get you on page one.