A Review of Baggalini's Messenger Sling Bag

If you are looking for the best bag to take to a theme park, you have a lot of options -- from purses and fanny packs to backpacks and cinch sacks. However, as an intrepid theme park visitor, you need a bag that holds supplies for the day without tiring your shoulder or back.   Consider the Baggallini Messenger Sling Bag.  Based on several trips to Disneyland and most recently the Disney World Resort in Florida, I've concluded that Baggallini's Messenger Sling Bag is perfect bag. This article describes the bag, how the bag helped me enjoy the theme parks, and how you might also enjoy the affordable Baggallini Messenger Sling Bag on your next theme park vacation. 

The Case Against Backpacks

Backpacks are great because they hold a lot.  If you're a parent who must also carry the gear of young children, this might be the most ideal option, unless you pack things in your child's stroller.  But, the problem with most backpacks is that they allow too much to be put in them; thereby making the bag heavy.  Backbacks also cover a large area of your back, which can be uncomfortable as you walk around in hot, humid weather.

Compact and StylishBaggallini Messenger Sling BagCredit: Amazon.com

The Baggallini Messenger Sling Bag on the other hand is an over the shoulder bag that measures 9 x 4 x 12 inches. When worn across your body, it falls on or near your left hip. It is also possible to switch shoulders and wear the bag in front of you. 

The Baggalini Messenger Sling Bag is also called the "Baggallini Messenger Bag" and the "Baggalini Luggage Messenger Bag."  You have a choice of colors such as khaki, black, red, orange, green, and navy.  Fabric pattern choices include a funky giraffe print.   


  • Dark colors work well because they hide dirt, but the lighter colors with contrasting lining can help you easily see what you have in your bag.
  • This bag looks small but it holds a lot. Its rectangular shape will also hold an iPad, if you bring one with you.
  • Although my husband initially thought the bag was more suitable for women, he began using a second bat I had brought along -- switching from a backpack -- because it was more comfortable.
  • The smaller compartment features credit card-sized pockets as well as an inside zippered pocket for your money. Leave your bulky wallet at home. 
  • It was also easy to hang a small bottle of hand sanitizer on one of the zipper pulls. 
  • One of my favorite features is a small hidden zip pocket on the shoulder strap. I used this pocket for storing my hotel room key card, theme park tickets, and Fast Passes. The pocket falls right near my collarbone, so it provided me with easy, quick access to my important items, without requiring me to rifle through my bag. This zippered pocket might also accommodate your cell phone depending on the type of phone you have. An iPhone 4 fits perfectly but the Droid X was a bit too wide and does not.

Using the Messenger Bag on Rides

When sitting on most theme park rides, you can simply bring the bag forward so that the bag sits on your lap. Because the bag remains over your shoulder, it is securely attached to you, and you can rest assured that you won't lose your bag during a turbulent ride like a rollercoaster. 
Theme Park BagCredit: Amazon.com
The bag's rectangular shape made it easy to place near my feet on Space Mountain in the Magic Kingdom, Rock 'n Roller Coaster at Disney's Hollywood Studios, and Expedition Everest at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Car-type track rides like Indiana Jones at Disneyland and Dinosaur at the Animal Kingdom have large mesh pouches that will easily accommodate the Messenger Sling Bag.

A rollercoaster's G-force will keep your bag from flying off the coaster. However, for an extra measure of safety, you can just wrap the bag's long strap around your wrist. Some amusement theme parks like Universal Studios Orlando and Island of Adventure require that you stow your belongings in free lockers. In this case, the compact size of the Messenger Sling Bag made it an easy fit.

What to Pack (and What Will Fit)

When you are walking for miles over several days, you want to travel lightly. Here's what I brought with me to the theme park:

  • Poncho, folded small – You’ll need this in case of rain or on rides that might get you wet. In one of the zippered pockets in the back of the bag, I was able to fit 2 Disney Ponchos.
  • Water bottle - You can fit three 16 oz. water bottles in the main compartment of the bag.
  • Sunscreen in a small bottle - I have a small bottle on a carabiner, which I hang from one of the metal buckles.
  • Lip balm with SPF
  • Money/credit cards/Band Aids
  • Small snacks
  • Passes and keys (room/car keys)
  • Cell phone
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Little flash light
  • Sunglasses - When I'm not wearing sunglasses, I place them in the pouch on the side of the bag that has a velcro closure 
  • Tie a lightweight jacket or fold it and tuck it in the main compartment. 


  • The bag is water-resistant but not waterproof.  It definitely does not like to be washed, so just spot clean with a damp cloth if necessary.
  • There is a mesh pocket on one side of the bag. A 16 oz. water bottle will fit there, but if your bottle is smooth, it might slip out.  A better place for the water bottle is probably in the main compartment of the bag. I use the mesh pocket for my hand sanitizer. Keep sharp objects away from the mesh pocket.
  • Petite people may find the shoulder strap too long.
  • Although the bag measures 9 x 12, the bag won't easily fit an 8.5 x 11 folder (which perhaps might hold your itinerary).

Where to Buy

Retail stores in your area may carry Baggallini bags. The messenger bag retails for about $40, but you can find the bag on sale online for about $34. Online stores like amazon.coBaggallini Messenger Bag - GreenCredit: Amazon.comm or ebags.com offer the best selection and prices, which sometimes include free shipping and returns.


Gone are the days when my daughter could fit in a stroller. Back then we would use the stroller as a portable locker, stashing our supplies in the rack below the seat. Having her outgrow the stroller gave me the impetus to find a way to efficiently and comfortably carry my supplies for the entire day at the theme park.

I’m happy to have found a practical, durable, and affordable solution – what I consider the best bag for the theme parks – in the Baggallini Messenger Sling Bag. Once you return from the amusement park vacation, you may likely end up using this bag for daily use.