Need to bring your scrapping supplies somewhere but have no clue how to lug them? Here are two of the best bags for scrapbookers.

Best Bags for ScrapbookersCredit: AmazonHundreds of sheets of cardstock, printed and solid, stickers, flowers, ribbons, adhesive, buttons, pens and oh so much more goes into your scrapbooking endeavors. So, how do you organize and carry it all so you can crop with friends? Without scrapbooking totes and bags, you would end up stuck at home surrounded by supplies and that is no fun. Here are two of best bags that will serve you well both at home and while you are off at scrapbooking events.

Tool Bags

Having certain tools within reach is huge to avid scrapbookers. Whether it is your adhesive, your pens or your scissors, there are certain items you do not want to have to dig out of a larger tote or pile of miscellaneous supplies. That is where products like the smaller counter-top tool bags come in and save the scrapping day. The Creative Options Craftician Bag comes in fun colors like brown with blue polka dots and bright purple and will hold more tools than you can imagine. Reviewers of the Craftician Bag say that it holds all the tools you want within arm’s reach while still keeping them visible and neatly stored away. When you are scrapping or crafting at home or away, counter space is a precious commodity and these types of bags that hold all the most important tools are created to take up very little room on your table. The canvas material of these types of bags is extremely sturdy and holds up well over years of use, meaning you do not need to invest in a new tool bag due to wear and tear.

Larger Rolling Bags

When it comes to scrapbooking, supplies are endless. This means you will need a good size bag to carry your supplies to crops or simply to work out of from home. Many different brands offer this type of bag. Every different scrapper has different preferences, but the Darice Rolling Scrapbook Tote is a great option because the price is less than many of the most common rolling totes. There are splashes of color both on the outside of the bag and in the lining so it is easier to figure out which bag is yours when it is time to pack up and head home. There are larger totes available, but the size on the Darice Rolling Scrapbook Tote is just right for most scrappers, or for those who are only going to craft for a few hours and do not need to bring along their entire supply arsenal.

No matter which tools you love, or which supplies just have to come with you to the local scrapbook night, bags, totes and containers are definitely necessary. Take a gander around the tables at your next scrapbooking event and quiz your fellow crafty women about their choice in bags and organization. After all, the best way to learn from other crafters is to ask them about their own preferences and choices.