For anyone looking to get into shape or stay in good shape, the best barefoot running shoes are something you will want to look into to determine what is best for you.  While the brands will vary, as will the styles and preferences for men and women, there are some that simply seem to stack up better against the competition than others.

Popular Brands of Barefoot Running Shoes

As you would expect, there are many different styles of minimalist running shoes out there to choose from, made from multiple manufacturers.  While the names of the footwear companies on this list are pretty much a who’s who of the industry, they are the best in the business.

Adidas:  You’ll find a wide range of color choices and styles.  You can even find some in wide widths, if that’s something you’ll need.  The Adipure Gazelle has become quite popular and is priced at just under $80 from many different sellers.

Merrell:  The men’s barefoot trail glove is priced under $50, if you look carefully, while the women’s Merrell pace glove minimalist running shoe is under $100, depending on exactly what you decide to go with for style.

New Balance:  The Minimus barefoot shoes offered by this company have become quite popular in recent years.  You’ll find the pricing to be quite competitive, with many available for under 60 dollars, if you shop around and look for good deals on men’s or women’s barefoot shoes.

Nike: The Nike free run 3 has become popular with men and can be purchase for under 100 dollars, if you shop around for good deals.  Whether you’re a size 6 or a size 13 wide, you’ll find something from Nike to meet your needs.

Reebok:  The Real Flex style has become quite popular with many athletes.  They are quite comfortable and can occasionally be found for under $50 on sale at various online retailers.  Since this is one of the best shoe companies out there, you can buy with confidence.

Budget Barefoot Running Shoes

There are plenty of budget makers out there to consider.  Some are companies which you never heard of, while others are somewhat popular, although generally not as much so as the major brand names.  Still, if you only have a limited budget, perhaps $25 or less, you will have some options to consider as you shop around for deals. 

Keep in mind that pricing on footwear is the same as it is with many different things – you will get what you pay for, so use caution.  Pricing can be inflated by the name of the brand, but in general, there is a reason for one brand to be priced higher than others, other than sheer popularity.  If arch support, quality, and durability matter to you, it’s important to get a quality item.

Ensuring Proper Fit

Perhaps the biggest hurdle you will face as you shop around for the good deals, is proper sizing.  While everyone seems to like something a little bit different, there are some things you will want to check to make sure you get the right size, which is ultimately the best for your feet, calves, back, and joints.  Here’s a quick guide on how to properly fit a running shoe.

Matching the Ball of Your Foot: The ball of your foot should line up with the widest part of the shoe.  If you have a good fit there, it’s highly likely the rest will naturally fall into place for you as you try them on.  Keep in mind that you can try on one companies shoe in a specific size, only to find you need to adjust as you move on to other name brands or styles.  This is quite common.

Pinched Toes:  This can go a couple of different ways.  Some people are concerned their feet look too big, and cram them into a shoe which is too small.  This is a recipe for major back problems.  In addition, many people, often those with slightly wider feet, find their pinky toe is often pinched from having something on which is too narrow. 

One Foot:  Try on just one minimalist running shoe and put all your weight on it.  This will give you a good idea of how it fits and feels.  You’ll find this is a good way to get a better idea of how it fits and how it will work for you.

Ask to be Sized:  In full service shoe stores, you will almost always have access to do this.  All you have to do is place your foot on the sizing instrument and you’ll get an idea what size you will need.  While you might have to go up or down a half size with some brands, it’s a good idea to closely follow what you find out about your foot size.  There is no shame in having big feet!

Comfort First, Looks Second:  Imagine if all minimalist running shoes were in one color, with the exact same style and look on the exterior.  You would have no choice but to see which ones felt the best on your feet.  While style is important to many, it should be given much less weight in the buying decision than overall comfort.

 Best Places to Shop

This is certainly subjective.  While you will probably find good deals or even clearance prices from some retailers, you will find that pricing can vary a little.  Shop around and look for good deals online, where you have access to many more sellers than you will if you drive to the mall. Plus, you’ll save a lot of time.

Many people prefer to shop in person, however, so they can try on the barefoot running shoes in person and determine which ones are the best.  If you prefer to do this, go for it.  Once you find out which you like the best, try price shopping online for the exact same shoe to see if you can find a better deal out there, taking shipping and handling into account.