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The best laptops in my opinion that use the Windows operating system are Toshiba and HP, based on personal experience and word of mouth. I used to own a Dell laptop which lasted well for 4 years but I hear their quality has diminished recently. I currently own a Sony laptop but it has had several hardware issues since I have owned it and would likely not purchase one again. Macs had a certain feel of simplicity to them but now it seems like the iPad is Apple's big product rather than notebooks. My price ceiling for a laptop is probably around 800 to 900 dollars. I would love to see a Toshiba or HP model with extra features such as high definition graphics cards and powerful webcam and internet support discounted for this price. - Wilmington, DE

The best discount laptop or netbook would be an Acer Aspire. They are typically cheaper and if taken care of, last just as long as any other computer. I have had experiences with Compaq laptops and they seem virus prone compared to the Acers I have had experience with. Most of my experience with laptops is 98% Acer and I do not regret that choice. I had paid about $200 for the first Acer I had that lasted a good while. The second one is the one I am using right now that has lasted a couple of years and has no real problems. - Carolton, Texas

Dell. Dell carries a trusted brand name and have been a computer manufacturer for a long time. They have gone toe to toe with HP and Apple. They provide a wide variety of systems that will suit your needs and personality. They also have a website that you could check that is easily be accessed to check for new tech updates or support. They also offer a 24/7 phone support for end users. Their product has an automatic 1 year warranty included when you purchase it and you will have a choice to add additional warranty on the system if you so desire. They offer onsite technician support for customers that is not that familiar with hardware. - Boston, MA

The best bargain laptops are the ones from models that are already low priced that have been further discounted. This gives you the best value as you are going from a preexisting low price to an even lower one. Refurbished computers often give you such an excellent deal, as they are considerably cheaper than new ones yet most of the time work just as well. I would not be willing to pay more than $200 for a laptop, so finding a bargain would be important to me to meet my budget and still be satisfied functionality wise. The brand itself does not matter much, as long as it offers models that are economically priced from the get-go so discounts will make them a real bargain. - Brooklyn, New York

Factory outlets and big company laptop manufactures offer the best deals on computers. Computers are only as good as the hardware contained inside of them. Everything else is just visual appeal. Performance is based on hardware, nothing else. It's common to see two distinct companies selling laptops with very similar hardware components at very different price ranges! Personally, I'd love to see brands like Apple and Alienware tone down their prices significantly. They're only trying to tell me their image or logo is worth a lot of money. Other consumers and I would be wise to think otherwise when considering laptop purchases. - Waterville, ME

Obviously, the best bargain laptop computer needs to be relatively inexpensive. So cost is a major motivator in determining the best. I'd classify anything less than $500 as being a bargain, for laptops. Then comes memory, both in RAM and the computer chip. Generally, the higher the RAM, the faster the computer performs. The laptop should have either an Intel or AMD chip. Storage is an important category, but not necessarily a deal-breaker because an external, back-up drive can be purchased at a future date if more storage is needed. I currently use a Toshiba laptop, which was under $500 and has a decent amount of RAM and storage. It works as well as expected, although the trade-off is due to portability: it's a big laptop, and relatively heavy. I generally like Sony's products, although they can be pricey. The best, and rarely (if ever) discounted in price, is an Apple MacBook. I'd pay up to $1200 for one of those, although it would never be considered a bargain. - Honolulu, Hawai

The best computers are Dell computers. Why? Because there are not too many places that let you build your own custom built computer the way that you want to make and create it. However, the computer I would like to see offered at cheaper prices are Mac notebooks. The only reason, is because I am looking to go back to school for graphic design / visual communication. I would like to pay under $500 for these computers.In fact, maybe there should be drawings for all graphic design students all over the country in different colleges, to get free computers for their classes. Furthermore, I think that the best computers worth buying are Dell, Mac, and even Acer computers. -  Killeen, Texas

The best bargain laptop computers are ones made by ASUS. I find their quality to be far greater than other cheap laptops at similar prices. Apple computers are definitely not bargain laptops. They are incredibly overpriced. Other brands worth buying are Lenovo and HP laptops. I'd like to see more Sony laptops offered at discounted prices because they have very good laptops as well. For a decent laptop I'd like to pay around $500. Five hundred dollars can get you a very good machine for everyday use. For more money you can get a machine that is faster. Most people use use laptops to access facebook and send emails and the $500 price point is perfect for getting a very capable machine to do that. - Evanston, IL