If you find yourself in Fort Wayne with the sole purpose of finding a bar to do your drinking in, then you must have a life filled with delightful wanderlust and one night friendships. While Fort Wayne may seem like an oasis in the middle of hicksville, it's quite a bit more.

Fun fact: Fort Wayne is the city that has the 4th most sex in the entire United States.

How much of that starts in bars, I wonder.

Piere's - The MEGA-Bar-osuarus

5629 Saint Joe Road
Fort Wayne, Indiana 46835



Piere's is the bar to end all bars, in fact it has ended a few bars. Piere's is literally a mega bar, I forget the actual number but it has something like 7 or 8 bars inside it's massive building. Piere's claim to fame is it's musical talent. They have had numerous big name bands play at their megabar including Godsmack, Creed, REO Speedwagon, Keith Urban, Kid Rock, 3 Doors Down, Hinder, Disturbed & Snoop Dog.

In fact, it's rumored that Piere's has a deal with all other bars, unless it's a local band, the other bars are not allowed to book famous musical talent if they want to continue to exist.

If you're looking to meet a lot of different people, Piere's is your best bet. On the weekends, the dance floors are jam packed and the people are amiable.

Piere's charges five dollars at the door on non-concert nights, unless it's your 21st birthday, in which you get in free and get a free drink. If you have trouble finding it, just look up to the sky, their spotlights can be seem almost everywhere in the Fort Wayne sky at night.

O'Sullivans - Ye ol' Irish pub



1808 West Main Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46808


If you find your self looking for something a little more cozy than a crowded hot spot full of sweaty scantily clad young people, then O'Sullivans is your style. This one happens to be my personal favorite.

O'Sullivans has that old tavern feel with it's decorations and heavy wooden furniture. The biggest plus about O's is that as long as it's not on the bar top, you can carve, draw, or write anywhere you want. There is definitely not shortage of things to look at when you are drinking. Every wall has a message or a picture, especially the bathrooms.

The bartenders are nice and funny, although some of them lack in knowledge of the fancier drinks. However, if you can tell them what it has in it, they can make it. A fun fact about O'Sullivans is that they have a trophy bottle of Irish Mist on their bar from selling the most of the truly delicious Irish whiskey in, I think 2000, I was fairly drunk when the bartender told me that story.

The have some local bands that play on the weekends, but mostly it is a nice place to unwind. Especially for the workers at the Ward Corporation with which it shares a it's location at.

The biggest plus for me though, they have Killian's Irish Red on tap.

The Brass Rail - The local dive bar

the brass rail
1121 Broadway
Fort Wayne, IN 46802



The Brass Rail is not a bar that's going to jump out at you right away. If not for a tiny sign that says 'Tavern' underneath it's name, you might not even know it was a bar at all. The Brass Rail really attracts the rowdy rock and roll crowd of Fort Wayne. It's biggest draw is it's jukebox that has music it's rather difficult to find in other bars, like Nick Cave and Johnny Cash.

The music is loud and the booze is cheap. With Pabst Blue Ribbon on tap, another rare find, it makes it a favorite of a great many in Fort Wayne.

If you're looking for a place to hang out with good music and interesting people this is the place to be, though it can be hard to hear at times since the music they play always demands to be loud.

Though The Brass Rail is a 40 year old dive bar, the service is that of a five star restaurant. I swear some of the bartenders have more than two hands. I once saw a bartenders change a keg while serving a customer their order, taking their money and giving them change all the while. It was quite the amusing sight.