There is a lot of competition when it comes to battery drills. They are both lightweight and compact and so many companies want to produce these drills to take advantage of demand. In my experience, however, there is one drill company that stands out above the rest. A Makita battery drill is hands down the best drill on the market. Although other drills come close, the Makita is just a better made drill. We will explore why Makita takes the top position below.

The Makita 10.8v is the only two-speed subcompact drill that unitizes a hex bit-holder. This holder makes it very easy to switch between different bits while working on a project. There is nothing worse than trying to fumble around with different bits while you are trying to drill something together in a tight space. It is a waste of time and can cause unneeded aggravation. Also, if you were to lose a bit while on the job you could be forced to go take time off to go get another and this would cost you a lot of lost revenue.
Battery Drill
While the Makita drill is a little slower, 1,300 rpm, at drilling than the similar Bosch model, it is still a more capable drill overall. The construction of the Makita drill is more solid and it is also more comfortable to use over extended periods of time. The 10.8v Makita battery drill just feels like a solid piece of equipment. And frequent drill users will tell you that the speed of the drill is not as important as the comfort.

The main problem with the Bosch is that the grip is in an awkward position on the handle and this throws the balance off. Also, the Bosch drill does not perform as well in colder temperatures. The L.E.D. light on the Makita drill is also superior to the Bosch drill. The Makita's light stayed on longer and was also found to be brighter than the Bosch light. Finally, the Makita's battery has a 3-year warranty, while the Bosch only has a one-year warranty. The warranty is an important factor to consider since the battery is one of the most expensive components to replace. In fact, it may cost as much to replace the battery in the battery drill as a new drill would cost.

When it comes to value, ease of use, and durability Makita battery cordless drill comes out on top. Having the right drill can make all the difference when it comes to your construction projects. If you have been settling with an inferior drill, then give the Makita a try the next time you are in your favorite power tool retailer. A Makita battery drill will be one of the best purchases you will ever make and it will pay for itself in no time.